Telstra Mobile Network Security

Protect your business from security threats

Simply secure your business across your mobile device fleet. Stay alert, aware and vigilant by monitoring smartphones, tablets and mobile broadband devices for security threats. Monitor threats to your business and get the confidence we’re looking out for all of your registered devices, wherever they’re connected to the Telstra Mobile Network.

Key features

Get peace of mind knowing that Telstra Mobile Network Security compares data traffic against millions of recognised threat signatures. When you detect a threat, you can quickly notify the user using pre-configured instructions to simply remedy the problem and secure your business.

When combined with device management and the Telstra zIPS security app, Telstra mobile network Security provides you with a comprehensive security solution for your fleet of devices.

Security embedded in the network

There’s no need for users to install software or apps to their device because, once a mobile number is registered on the portal and connected to the Telstra mobile network, it’s monitored.

Seamless protection

Securely connect to email, apps, data and calls without any change in your mobile experience – and be secure in the knowledge that we do not track calls, browsing activity or location.

Self-help tools

Reduce the amount of support calls from your users with access to self-help tools that instruct employees how to clear threats from their device via text message.

Continuous protection

Because the monitoring happens on the Telstra Mobile Network, you stay protected even if users swap devices or the mobile service changes hands.

Comprehensive coverage

Employees can be confident they will be monitored while travelling in all countries covered by Telstra International Roaming. The zIPS™ app ensures users are being monitored while active on Wi-Fi networks.

Integration with your security platforms

Telstra Mobile Network Security augments your infrastructure by integrating into existing security platforms.


Always-on protection

Maximise protection and minimise risk by ensuring your users are protected at all times while connected to a mobile network in Australia or overseas.

Protection without installation

Simply protect your mobile fleet without the need to install security apps, because security is embedded in the network.

Self-service and monitoring

Have complete control of your security needs with an online portal enabling your IT teams to adjust policies, automated responses and manage users.

How it works

  1. Use

  2. Monitor

  3. Identify

  4. Notify

Frequently asked questions

  1. Complete an online application requesting access to the Telstra Order Express Portal. Request access
  2. A welcome email will be sent that includes login details for OrderExpress. Please allow up to two business days to receive this email after submitting your application.
  3. Use the OrderExpress shopping cart to order postpaid Telstra Mobile Network Security services  for one or more Telstra mobile.
  4. The order will be completed within one business day and monitoring of all registered devices will begin. You will automatically receive access to security tools in the OrderExpress console.

Why Telstra?

Access to trusted expertise

Work with Telstra’s team of more than 500 skilled data scientists, DevOps, business and security analysts to help secure your business.

Reliable, high quality performance through the Telstra network

Consistently high-quality collaboration experiences underpinned by our Next IP® network and Australia’s largest mobile network

Seamless protection

Get peace of mind from a proven solution that gives you enterprise-wide protection in minutes.

Getting started

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