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The smart way to manage your Telstra services

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Manage your invoices more easily with T Analyst

Control costs, analyse trends around how your organisation uses our services and get a single, paperless view of all your invoices with T Analyst.

Plus, you can:

  • Make a payment
  • Schedule regular reports
  • Make a payment
  • Schedule regular reports
  • Make a payment
  • Schedule regular reports

Online ordering

Order Express

Order your new devices whenever, wherever you want. With Order Express there’s no waiting for the doors to open, or the lines to be manned. Our business hours are 24x7. Plus, Order Express is mobile optimised, so you can order your new device from your existing phone.

Voice, Data and IP Ordering

Order Online is the easy way to order and manage a number of Telstra products and services including: PSTN, Freecall™1800, Priority 1300®, Priority One3®, and Selected IP Services.

Order Online is fast, secure and efficient. It lets you check the order status for current service requests and view details for your fixed-line and data products. You can also cancel many of your data services and request moves and changes for selected IP services.

Network applications

Use online network applications to stay in control of inbound, IP or WAN. Also, request network changes or enhancements.

Applications which will help you manage your networks include:

  • InControl Online to manage PriorityOne3®, Priority1300®, Freecall® and more
  • IP Self Serve
  • Ethernet WAN Bandwidth On Demand

Assurance and fault reporting applications

Quickly and easily report faults online. Get notification of planned outages that may impact your Telstra services.

Applications for fault reporting include:

  • Managed Services Incidents- Lodge and track reported incidents online. Also, track your service requests.
  • Telstra IP Telephony - Monitor and report on your Customer Trouble Reports (CTRs).
  • Online forms - Lodge faults for your Cloud, data and IP services.

Service reporting applications

Applications for quick access to advanced reporting and service usage.

Applications include:

  • Next Generation Data Reporting - Network capacity, performance and usage
  • Mobile Data Usage Meter - Estimated mobile data usage
  • Telstra Analyser Online - Analyse inbound call traffic
  • IP telephony - Reports on the quality, success and performance of TIPT network calls

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  • Getting Started with Digital Billing

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T Analyst FAQs

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Turn off paper bill

You can now turn off your paper bill through T Analyst.

Looking for BRSS?

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