Telstra Contact Centre Genesys Cloud - Managed Services

Deliver better customer experiences

With our Managed Services, you can trust our team of experts to manage your Genesys Cloud solution, and also help you unlock operational excellence, drive efficiency, and deliver better customer experiences.

Key features

Access to expert assistance

Rely on support from our experts to help your team in mastering the features of Genesys Cloud with How-to advice.

Technical advice and guidance

Our ongoing tailored technical advice and guidance will ensure that your Genesys Cloud solution meets emerging business needs.

Cutting edge insights

Access to the latest industry trends and emerging technologies.

Information on upcoming product developments

We will keep you informed about upcoming product developments and features which we believe will future proof your solution and deliver real business benefits.

Digital transformation planning

Help you with your digital transformation journey using our human centric design approach.

System Administrator training

Up-skill your System Administrator, a key player in your solution's success.

Regular reports

A detailed report of incidents and service requests, discussing them at regular meetings.

Adds, moves and changes

Includes a number of adds, moves and change service requests, such as adding users, changing time of day routing, or setting up customer configuration.


Effortless Management

You can focus on solving real business problems while our Managed Services team takes care of the management of your solution.

Get the most out of your solution

Your team gets the best out of their Genesys Cloud solution with unlimited assistance from our experts on Genesys Cloud, making it simpler for your team.

Drive innovation

Keep your contact centre at the forefront of innovation with advice and recommendations on product developments and the latest industry trends. 

Strategic business planning

Regular metrics review to identify initiatives for driving continuous improvements so that you can get the most out of your Genesys Cloud solution.

Get deeper insights

Get an in-depth view of your solution’s usage to identify underutilised features, and opportunities for improvement. 


Why Telstra?

Complements a true and fully hosted solution

Telstra’s Managed Services complement our fully hosted Contact Centre Genesys Cloud solution, delivered with the simplicity of one partner across platforms and networks for easier, cost-effective management.

Tap into our experience and partnerships

We’ve designed some of the largest contact centres in Australia, and manage 40,000+ contact centre seats with over 100 million customer interactions per year.

Human-centric design

We have a depth of experience in customer engagement platforms and are uniquely positioned to combine core technical components with the latest human-centric design to create seamless experiences.

End-to-end view for better performance

As a network operator and services provider, we make managing your IT simpler by offering technology and service as a complete, integrated solution with one port of call for support.

Keep up with the latest innovation

Our accredited team and leading industry partners invest in innovation to make sure you benefit from the latest thinking.

Getting started

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