Business Systems Care

Reliable voice communications

Reliable voice communications are vital for your business, but do you have the skills, tools and time to ensure everything works properly?

Key features

With Telstra Business Systems Care®, you can hand over your telecommunications management to us while retaining daily control - with 24x7 access to a single service desk and choice of response times to suit your needs.

Support via Telstra Service Desk

Opt for service-desk support with remote diagnosis and solution, as well as on-site support across Australia.

Add-ons to your Care plan

Choose from a range of add-ons to suit your business needs.

Option for per-incident basis support

If you prefer not to have a contract term, you can get support on a per-incident basis.


Peace of mind

We’ll respond fast to any incident to ensure minimal disruption to your operations.

Improved management and user experience

Improve response and user experience through a consistent service approach across multiple systems.

Cost control

Full support helps reduce management complexity and its cost, and gain greater transparency with regular reporting and predictable pricing with a single bill.

Greater flexibility

Choose the level of support you want - our services can easily scale up or down to accommodate business growth or market and technology change.

Advanced tools and expertise

Access extensive expertise, experience and sophisticated tools that may not be available in-house.


Why Telstra?

Reliable, high quality performance through the Telstra network

Consistently high-quality collaboration and application underpinned by our Next IP network and Australia’s largest mobile network.

A suite of leading technology, in one place

Transform your people and workplace with a full suite of integrated collaboration, cloud and connectivity solutions from our experts and leading technology vendors.

Keep up with the latest innovation

Our accredited team and award-winning industry partners invest in innovation to make sure you benefit from the latest thinking.

Getting started

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