Enterprise Cyber Security

Protect every link in the chain

In the cloud, on your workers' devices, and at every step in between, Telstra has a suite of products – from basic essential controls to locally managed security monitoring – that give you the expertise, intelligence and tools to help secure your business.

Cyber Security products and solutions

Telstra Internet Protection

Proactive, in-the-cloud protection against phishing, malware, ransomware and impersonation attacks for office-based, remote and roaming staff.

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Managed Next Generation Firewall

Real-time firewall, intrusion and content management and monitoring optimised for mid-sized businesses.

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Cyber Detection and Response - Endpoint

Cyber Detection and Response - Endpoint

A 24x7 fully managed monitoring solution that helps detect, respond to, and remediate threats that emerge across your endpoint devices.

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Denial-of-Service Protection

Protect your websites and applications from threats and attacks.

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Security Monitoring

Collect relevant event data from your premises, IoT and cloud infrastructures 24X7 for a deeper understanding of risks and possible mitigation strategies.

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Incident Response

Minimise business disruption from cyber security incidents like unauthorized system access, data loss or theft, viruses and suspicious network activity.

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Advanced next generation cloud delivered security services built by Telstra and powered by Palo Alto Networks.

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Harmony Endpoint Security

Advanced endpoint protection built in partnership with Check Point.

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Forestry Corporation of NSW: Securing critical business information

See how the Forestry Corporation of NSW protects critical information with Telstra Internet Protection.


Latest cyber security news and insights


Are your credentials already in cyber criminals’ hands?

In recent years, cyber criminals have been moving from ‘spray and pray’ tactics to target individuals and specific industries. The first step to reducing the threat is understanding the problem and identify any compromised accounts related to your business.

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How companies can strengthen their weakest link in defence against cyber attacks

Cyberattacks are growing at an exponential rate. With the widespread adoption of digital transformation, organisations are increasingly experiencing disruptions that threaten to interrupt operations, damage reputations or compromise intellectual property.

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Managing your cyber risk in the ‘new normal’

How do you ensure your network and your users are better prepared for attacks?

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Managing your cyber risk in the ‘new normal’

Post-COVID-19, organisations need to navigate the IT implications for the phased approach to office-returning staff, while balancing the needs of remote and hybrid staff.

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Your five immediate priorities to secure a hybrid workforce

Download your copy of this up to date Forrester study which outlines five immediate priorities for your organisation to act on now to secure a hybrid workforce.

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Why Telstra

Comprehensive security solutions

From denial-of-service protection, managed firewall, and internet protection, we have a range of solutions to help keep your organisation secure.

Simplifying security management

We make securing your business easy with a bundled range of products, licenses and service features in a range of flexible commercial offerings, so you get the security you want at the right price.


Telstra has been helping businesses manage risk and protect data for decades, while we have been protecting our own network for even longer.

Designed to meet your needs

Every business has its own security needs which is why our solutions can be purchased separately or together with our managed security service.

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Telstra’s world class network, people and partnerships and adaptive capabilities can help you shape, define and realise your business vision.