Enhanced Enterprise Wireless

Connect your business quickly and work with guaranteed network availability on a wireless solution you can trust

Guaranteeing network availability on your Enhanced Enterprise Wireless connectivity, so you can get on with business.

Let us help you connect with an all in one solution that provides the reliable connectivity and management your business needs.

Enterprise Wireless provides business grade fixed wireless connection to your business sites.  And now with Enhanced Enterprise Wireless, we have added service level agreements and managed services allowing you to connect to dedicated enhanced infrastructure, so that your business can stay connected with confidence.

Get guaranteed uptime on your connectivity, managed service installation, maintenance and monitoring by enhancing your Enterprise Wireless service to get the right connectivity for you and your workforce. 

*Available in selected 5G coverage areas.

Key Features

Network Availability Service Level

Get network availability service level agreements to help secure business continuity in selected installed sites.

Monthly SLA Reporting

Get access to reporting which will provide monthly SLA performance of each Enhanced Enterprise Wireless service.

Managed Services

Services includes Site Survey Antenna installation, Cloud Management and pro-active monitoring.

Multiple Deployment Scenarios

With support for a multitude of different deployment options, Enhanced Enterprise Wireless can support your different business needs.

5G Ready

Telstra 5G now covers around 75% of the Australian population.

Rapid Deployment

Get up and running in approximately 4 weeks by deploying enhanced enterprise wireless allowing businesses to ramp up in minimal time.


Improve existing wireless connectivity

Improve your wireless connectivity to fixed locations with high performance and a guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Monthly performance reporting

Get monthly reporting on SLA performance to keep track of your connectivity.

All in one solution

Network connectivity with rapid activation and visibility around your network performance.

How it works

  1. Get a service qualification completed for your site

  2. Install a fixed wireless antenna

  3. Connect to Telstra’s 5G Network

  4. Get up and running

Frequently asked questions

Enhanced Enterprise Wireless is a Telstra Enterprise wireless solution for fixed sites with improved performance of the radio connection, backed up by Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
The offer is a bolt-on to compatible Adaptive Mobility - Enterprise Wireless Plans that provides you with:

Network Availability SLA:   Network availability monthly SLA of 99.9% on unplanned outages, 7 am to 8 pm local time, 7 days per week.

If Telstra does not meet the monthly network availability SLA, you will be credited 100% of the monthly ‘EEW Network Availability SLA’ fee .

Managed Services:  Partner managed services which includes Service Qualification, Site Survey, Install incl. Antennas, Reporting, Cradlepoint Device Net Cloud Account Management and pro-active monitoring. 

Device: W2005 Cradlepoint Outdoor Unit. Further addition of relevant enterprise grade devices will be addressed as part of the device roadmap evolution. 

Reporting: We will also provide you with a reporting portal which will show the monthly network availability SLA performance of each Enhanced Enterprise Wireless service.

You will need to connect to the Adaptive Mobility Enterprise Wireless Epic Plan to be eligible.

You will also need to meet the service qualification criteria to be eligible for the Enhanced Enterprise Wireless service. 

Yes, provided you meet the eligibility criteria set out in the question i.e.  'What customers are eligible for Enhanced Enterprise Wireless service'.

Why Telstra

We know Technology

We are the largest Australian owned technology services organisation, bringing purpose to technology for our customers.

A range of scalable solutions

Choose the right mobility solution for your unique needs from a variety of devices, plans, managed services and more – all available on our local and national networks.

5G Network Coverage

Telstra 5G now covers 75% of the Australian population.

Supported by local accredited mobility partners

With Telstra, you get access to Australia’s most reliable network, supported by Australia’s best providers. With over 400 partners local globally, we will work with you to create the end-to-end solution you need.

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Things you need to know

  1. Enhanced Enterprise Wireless (EEW): Available to eligible Telstra Enterprise customers who satisfy on-premise eligibility criteria and service qualification.
  2. Network SLA: Enhanced Enterprise Wireless (EEW) guarantees 99.9% Network Availability to customers connected to Enterprise Wireless services at their eligible Site. Availability is calculated each month based on the number of minutes the EEW service is Unavailable (cells within both Primary and Secondary base stations are offline). If we don't meet the SLA in any given month, we will apply a credit to your bill. Exclusions to the Network Availability SLA are set out in your Digital Services Agreement (or other agreement with us). Network SLA's do not apply to speeds.