Business Demand Data

Consistent connectivity even during surges

Be sure your team is always connected and productive, even when surges in mobile data traffic impact network performance.

Key Features

Telstra Business Demand Data offers a consistent and reliable data download experience so your staff can get their work done. Our solution automatically provides enhanced treatment over 4G on the Telstra Mobile Network so that videos stream seamlessly, files download quickly and your users work effectively.

Consistent data experience

We provide a reliable, consistent download experience through enhanced treatment on the Telstra Mobile Network – even when there’s a surge in mobile data traffic.

Feel confident in your minimum download speed

Experience reliable performance even during periods of high traffic through Business Demand Data’s targeted minimum 4G download speeds.

Built-in network performance

Your performance is managed within the network, so you don’t need additional apps on your device.


Ensure work gets done, even if there’s a surge

Be sure you can stay productive even when there’s a surge in mobile traffic. Finish what you start and download without drama via our 4G network.

Consistent video viewing

Avoid video stalling, lagging and loss of picture and get a consistent video streaming experience with Business Demand Data.

Give your people a better experience

Our solution just works, with no additional apps needed. Business Demand Data automatically activates on your teams’ devices when it’s needed for a seamless experience.

Why Telstra?

Reliable, high quality performance through the Telstra network

Consistently high-quality mobile experiences underpinned by our Next IP® network and Australia’s largest mobile network.

A network to rely on

We monitor our network around the clock with dedicated control centres using advanced management systems. We provide helpdesk support and proactive response to manage problems as they happen and restore services.

Security experience

Telstra has been helping businesses manage risk and protect data for decades, and we have been protecting our own network for even longer.

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