Telstra Cloud Connector

High-performance bandwidth for your clouds

Connect your cloud services and your Telstra private network with Telstra Cloud Connector. Get automated, high-performance, and reliable network connection that helps you reduce the security and performance issues common with public internet access.

Key features

End-to-end provisioning

Telstra Cloud Connector your site to your cloud provider’s network

Multi-cloud control

Use your Cloud Connector to all of your clouds on a single platform

One console

Simplify the management of your clouds by taking charge of them all from a single pane of glass.

See into your network

Have visibility over your network’s performance, capacity and bandwidth use

Scale up or down

Control and flexibility to scale bandwidth according to your varying business needs—and there’s no need to wait as you can perform the adjustment yourself.

Highly secured and advanced network

Minimise threats to your network with our deep expertise in securing and protecting ours - So you can do business in the cloud with confidence.


Single point of contact

Working with Telstra gives you the convenience of having a single service provider for both your networking and cloud requirements.

Simple to deploy

The near real-time provisioning and bandwidth upgrade help you cut back on the processes required to fulfil such requests, saving you both time and effort.

Simple to control

With Telstra Cloud Connector, we help reduce the effort required to manage your cloud networking and cloud services.

Grow your business

Scale up and down as your business needs change. Allocate resources and bandwidth based on your business priorities.

Flexible plans and pricing

Explore the right plans for the most value for your business with month-to-month, or 12-, 24-, and 36-month plans.

How it works

Telstra Cloud Connector offers an integrated networking solution to connect to compatible cloud providers (AWS and Azure) with automated purchasing, authentication, provisioning, and management from your WAN (Telstra IP network). This solution can only be used with Telstra’s carriage product (Next IP, IP VPN service) and with clouds purchased through Telstra or Bring your Own (BYO) AWS and AZURE. Cloud Connector can be used to connect to public cloud locations based in Sydney and Melbourne, and comes with high-availability and geo-redundancy inbuilt.

Bandwidth Tiers

You can aggregate their bandwidth purchase to use across multiple clouds based in Melbourne and/or Sydney, however, the total allocated bandwidth cannot exceed the purchased Cloud Connector bandwidth.

We have bandwidth up to 10G. 

Feature AWS Microsoft Azure

Cloud Connector available bandwidth tiers 

(to be used across multiple cloud providers)

50M, 100M, 200M, 300M, 400M, 500M, 700M, 1G, 2G, 3G , 5G , 7G and 10G  50M, 100M, 200M, 300M, 400M, 500M, 700M, 1G, 2G, 3G , 5G , 7G and 10G 
DC locations (AU only) Sydney Equinix (SY3)
Melbourne Next DC ( M1)
Sydney Equinix (SY3)
Melbourne Next DC ( M1)
Corresponding product at cloud provider AWS direct connect* Azure express route*
Supported bandwidth tiers per connection 50M, 100M, 200M, 300M, 400M, 500M, 1G, 2G, 3G, 5G. 50M, 100M, 200M, 500M, 1G, 2G, 3G, 5G.

Follow these easy steps to get started

  1. Step 1: Log into Cloud Sight

  2. Step 2: Link your Next IP service

  3. Step 3: Link your public clouds

Cloud Connector Pricing

Pricing guide for Telstra Cloud Connector

Cloud Connector has no onboarding or MAC (moves, adds, changes) fees.

Cloud connectivity scenario

We need a flexible cloud networking solution that allows us to easily connect to our IP network with multiple public cloud environments, providing us end-to-end control and visibility.

Stakeholders Challenges Solution Benefits
IT Manager

I need flexibility to access multiple public cloud platforms and the ability to configure the associated network connectivity belonging to my service provider as well as the cloud platform.

I need to see near-real time utilisation of how my network is performing to foresee any capacity issues. 

Telstra Cloud Sight platform’s Cloud Connector feature offers:

Simple, wizard style, network connectivity provisioning from Telstra’s edge network all the way to the customer’s cloud instance’s virtual networking.

Ability to upgrade bandwidth via self-service

Easily manage multiple cloud connections via a single console

Ability to see allocated capacity, peak bandwidth, average bandwidth over a specific period

I have peace of mind to contact a single service provider for all my network related issues including Cloud.

I can easily provision cloud networking along with my cloud services

I have near rear-time and historical visibility into my cloud networking performance.


My teams need realisable cloud connectivity that they can manage via a single service provider

Since my company is moving to a hybrid cloud strategy, I want a secure connection all the way from my service provider network into the cloud environment ideally via a single provider than can manage the complexity. 

Telstra Cloud Sight’s Cloud Connector feature allows CIOs to:

Easily connect their business (sites) to cloud platforms.

Ability to share bandwidth across multiple cloud platforms based on the business needs.

Ability to change bandwidth tiers as my business grows

Minimum monthly commitment that doesn’t lock into long term contracts. 

Skilled cloud and networking resources are difficult to find and costly in today’s market.

The Telstra Cloud Sight significantly reduces the complexity and provisioning time of cloud network services.

Dashboard access again alleviates the resource strain on staff for reporting, so that skills can be allocated to business app development versus business ops / reporting.

Customers can get a higher value for purchasing both cloud and network services via a single service provider. 


CommsDay Edison Awards

CommsDay logo

CommsDay Best Cloud Provider 2020

“For Telstra's focus on enabling and supporting hybrid/multi-cloud environments while simplifying our management and networking.? We have delivered new capabilities including Telstra Cloud Sight and the expansion of the Telstra Programmable Network.”

Why Telstra

Single management portal

Telstra Cloud Sight® enables you to buy, deploy, and manage all of your Telstra-purchased single or multi-cloud environments from within a single portal. Sign in once using Single Sign On (SSO) and utilise the set-up wizard to automate your cloud connectivity deployments.

Security you can rely on

The Telstra Next IP network is ISO-27001-certified and our Ethernet network is Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)-certified. Using Telstra Cloud Connector can bridge the connection between Telstra Next IP and your public cloud service. All network activity is monitored 24X7 by some of the most advanced operations centres in Australia.

Telstra Purple

As the largest Australian-owned technology services business, our national network of over 1,500 certified network, security, cloud, collaboration, mobility, software, analytics, and design experts combine with our leading expertise technology services to help you deliver outcome-based, transformative tech solutions.

Telstra Cloud Concierge

Our Telstra Cloud Concierge service provides you with access to a team of cloud experts who can help you get set up, give you an overview of the Telstra Cloud Sight portal, and help remove the stress of choosing the best cloud for your needs.

Getting started

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