Modern Workplace. What? Why? How?

· 01 December 2022 · 2 minute read

‘Modern Workplace’ is a term used to define organisations who recognise digital collaboration, technology and tools as the way of the future. A Modern Workplace stimulates a culture of open communication and effective collaboration, regardless of where individuals choose to work from.

In essence, it separates businesses who seek positive change and are looking to embrace new technology and ways of working to do so, from those content with maintaining the same workplace culture, methodologies, and current technology.

Why are organisations embracing the Modern Workplace?

Traditional workplaces are no longer an option. Businesses that want to attract and retain quality employees need to offer flexible working environments that enable millennials - the bulk of the workforce - to work wherever they want, whenever they want, and to make an impact.

In fact, the demand for this is so great, that recent studies reveal employees are prepared to sacrifice salary and annual holidays in order to keep a hybrid working environment where they spend at least two days either working from home or somewhere local.

Modern Workplace solutions provide the tools required for innovation and collaboration. Importantly, because they facilitate flexible working environments, they have been shown to save companies money while also boosting performance and productivity. As well as attracting the best staff, Modern Workplaces are successfully retaining staff over the long term.

As well as providing a more consistent employee experience across devices and work locations, adopting cloud-based telephony solutions can also reduce CAPEX - alleviating the costs associated with maintaining onsite IT or communication systems.

How do you embrace the ‘Modern Workplace’?

Becoming a Modern Workplace doesn’t just mean installing a chat tool for your team or launching a flexible working policy. It stems from a desire to create a positive, collaborative, flexible culture suited to the modern worker and an understanding that digital technology and tools are enablers of productivity and efficiency. It’s about facilitating enterprise mobility, enhancing employee experience, and driving innovation.

With the right mix of platforms, tools, and network your teams will be free to work from wherever they are, whenever they need and on multiple devices. They’ll drive innovation, accessing the applications they need, and being able to liaise and collaborate with colleagues and external stakeholders in a simple, secure and reliable way.

By taking advantage of Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex with integrated voice calling, team members can securely connect and collaborate with colleagues, clients, suppliers and stakeholders via chat, video calls, or calls to a mobile or landline number.

Our Modern Workplace experts can work closely with you to understand your business needs and customise a workplace design to meet those needs now and into the future.

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