How to decide if your business should migrate to a cloud-based phone system

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If you’re trying to decide if a cloud-based phone system (or cloud telephony) is right for your organisation, these four initial questions may help:

  1. Do you have a PABX/Telephone system that is on-premise or in a data centre?
  2. Are you looking for a solution to better enable flexible working for hybrid workers?
  3. Would a subscription model benefit you to keep commercials simple?
  4. Would it be beneficial to be able to scale users/packs up or down as needed?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, there are key benefits for your organisation in moving to cloud telephony.

It’s now time to consider some of the important factors:


Do you already have IP phones that can easily be added to a cloud system? Whilst refreshing all your equipment can be expensive, renting handsets can alleviate the pressure of upfront costs and could be an option for you as well.


Equipment aside, you need to determine which features you pay for under your current system (and which of those you actually use) and what features you’d like with your new system. It’s important to look at whether these features are included in your package or if they are purchased as add-ons.


Cloud-based phone systems do run over the internet. Therefore, a stable and consistent internet connection is important.

Changing business model/staff

If your business is growing or is experiencing changes—a cloud-based phone system can provide continued flexibility that allows your communication system to change alongside your business.


If you are someone who likes to have control of your adds, moves, and changes, a cloud-based phone system may be just the thing; allowing you autonomy to provision new users, add on feature packs, and order handsets all through a self-service portal. 

What does Telstra offer in terms of cloud telephony?

TIPT is Telstra’s IP Telephony solution, backed by a Webex soft client. TIPT not only enables you to upgrade your PBX network with a secure cloud solution, but also extends your capability to meet future collaboration needs.

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