The Cloud Continuum: Accelerating business growth and transformation with hybrid cloud


  • Adoption of cloud technology has exploded over the last few years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has turned it into a mandate.
  • Becoming “cloud first” is now a key to surviving in a world with remote working, online commerce, and a more challenging business environment.
  • Hybrid cloud designed for one’s unique business needs can help build sustainable technology that adapts to shifting demands, today and into the future.

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The adoption of cloud technologies can help accelerate speed to market and drive the transformational change required to create new opportunities and value. In parallel, and as seen with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, cloud adoption can help mitigate major businesses challenges, where a cloud-first strategy can be the key to surviving in rapidly changing business environment.

In an Omdia survey conducted for Telstra, one in three organisations report that they are prepared to move to the cloud (State of Cloud Adoption 2021, Omdia) but only 21% of organisations are prepared for cloud security challenges. Despite the many benefits and advantages of cloud adoption, many enterprises are yet to realise the full potential of a cloud data environment, with migration still considered a daunting challenge that comes with its own risks.

In the same survey, the three main concerns for cloud adoption among respondents were:

1.       Compliance and security

2.       Outage concerns (network inconsistency)

3.       Network not being ready for the cloud

Compliance and security have been high on the radar for most business executives, especially during the pandemic where business continuity measures, such as remote working and digital acceleration, led to a rise in increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. Compared to their US and UK counterparts, Australian businesses are hesitant to move to the public cloud because of compliance and regulation concerns surrounding sensitive data.

The future of cloud is hybrid

More organisations now prefer a hybrid cloud approach to meet regulatory and data sovereignty requirements, address low latency issues, growing cyber security threats (which are a whole-of-business concern), and their own network readiness for cloud. Other benefits of a good hybrid cloud strategy include: Cost optimization, Improved service levels and  faster speed to market

Telstra Cloud Sight™ enables our Hybrid Cloud eco-system, with visibility over your private cloud and public cloud services. It’s built to meet the needs of businesses to adapt, innovate, and grow, make technology more approachable, reduce complexity, and connect the technology dots for our customers.

Our 10+ years of cloud experience enable us to help our customers navigate their cloud journey. Our purpose is to create a cloud continuum through a hybrid environment for our customers, which includes evolving the cloud platform itself through infrastructure and connectivity - both on private and public clouds. This offers benefits for many businesses and opens new doors to new opportunities.

Building the cloud continuum

Designing a hybrid environment

We’re building a hybrid cloud solution that adapts to future transformation by:

  • Simplifying platforms customers interact with
  • Enabling businesses to self-manage day-to-day operations on a familiar environment, where most IT staff have the platform expertise and are already trained in
  • Providing expert support through a managed services framework powered by Telstra Enterprise Partners and Telstra Purple
  • Facilitating interconnectivity and, in the near future, cross-platform application migration

We’re making this possible through our own investment in technology and collaborative co-creation of products and services with industry leaders.

A strategic and planned approach to suit every business need

Every environment is different—and we understand the need to analyse individual environments and design the appropriate solution for those requirements. As Telstra is a complete solutions provider, it’s not just about enabling cloud migration, but also supporting the eco-system by simplifying our product architecture and design, providing a better digital experience, increasing visibility and ICT spend predictability, and ensuring optimisation and cost efficiency.

By offering customers the choice to manage their virtual machines on dedicated infrastructure, along with the ability to scale storage and compute to meet their business requirements through Telstra Private Cloud or finding an optimal way for us to manage the infrastructure and applications on the customers’ behalf, we position our customers’ in the driver’s seat to steer the course.

Telstra Private Cloud forms part of the Telstra Hybrid Cloud ecosystem and is an off-premise, dedicated, and secure solution on a hosted and managed architecture, allowing you to bring together innovation, scale, and adaptability in one integrated cloud solution

Rationalisation of security and compliance

As per State of Cloud Adoption 2021 ~79% of Australian organisations experienced a cloud-related security incident in 2020. Navigating security and compliance concerns can slow down innovation and technology growth—and this is where we can help. Our role as a secure and compliant cloud service provider with our own adaptive private network connectivity to your environment can be a critical element for an enhanced, reliable cloud experience.

Sustainable, future-proof technology that scales with your business

Supporting customers wherever they are in their cloud journey is the basis of our solution design and roadmap. We want you to achieve a hybrid cloud experience in which you can manage cloud environments through Telstra Cloud Sight, powered by a secure, reliable cloud network that can scale and adapt as your business needs change. By nurturing our cloud capability and experience for over a decade and collaborating with industry leaders, we have designed an adaptive cloud solution built for the future and can help businesses change the way they operate.

Our hybrid cloud research works to address these challenges in four ways:

  1. One Service Provider. Flexible performance-oriented computing across the hybrid stack
  2. Your Mess For Less. Driving simplicity for your organisation to help you concentrate on your primary business
  3.  A Holistic Approach. Security, reliability, and compliance across one pane of glass
  4. Connecting The Dots. Bringing technology closer and managing it for you while you focus on what matters most

We’re looking forward to helping Australian businesses in their hybrid cloud journey with the evolution of Telstra Private Cloud.

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