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Telstra Broadcast Services - Global Media Network

This purpose-built video contribution and distribution network supports permanent and occasional use services for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint on a consumptive-based business model across traditional broadcast, IP video standards and cloud connectivity.

[Title] Telstra Broadcast Services. Global Media Network.

ANGUS STEWART (Business Development Executive, Telstra Broadcast Services): Telstra's Global Media Network is a world-leading media platform. Its purpose built to deliver high-quality professional video on behalf of our customers to new, content-hungry international markets.

ANDREAS ERIKSSON (Head of Telstra Broadcast Services): The network can be used for all sorts of different use cases. You know, events, it could be used for smaller, midsize events and occasional use, as well as permanent services such as a linear broadcast feed.

ANGUS STEWART: It delivers content at low latency, reliably and efficiently through more than 2,500 endpoints around the planet.

ANDREAS ERIKSSON: The GMN is the spearhead of Telstra Broadcast Services — a business unit focused on professional broadcast and media services as part of Telstra's next-generation, linear media distribution strategy.

MICHAEL DAY (Product Management Lead, Telstra Broadcast Services): Global Media Network has been built specifically for broadcasters so that they can move events around the globe, like television events of national significance, we can move from one part of the globe to the other.

KAREN CLARK (Head of Australia and New Zealand, Telstra Broadcast Services): It's built on Telstra's extraordinary network of world-spanning fibre and more than 400,000 kilometres of subsea cable. Its backbone is designed to be robust and fully redundant, so much so that four cables would need to be cut at the same time for there to be an outage, so it's incredibly reliable.

ANDREAS ERIKSSON: Round the clock support is paramount to our customers with master control rooms all around the world. Like London, New York, China, Singapore, Hong Kong,

MICHAEL DAY: Connected by our fibre network so that we can move media from one media location to another. It's built specifically for broadcasters and specifically for high-value media content.

KAREN CLARK: Customers can reach audiences wherever they are, and audiences can watch their favourite game, movie or program uninterrupted.

CARL PETCH (CTO and Head of Media Network Solutions, Telstra Broadcast Services): Broadcasters and media companies need to keep up with the ever-changing demand patterns created by worldwide changes in demographics and viewing habits. One of the key examples of this is with the rise of streamers and the explosion of content that is needed on their new platforms. The addition of high-quality live sport from A to B is really the biggest user now of the network. As we move away from traditional linear services, people's consumption of sport is increasing on a year-by-year basis.

MICHAEL DAY: The GMN provides coverage, reliability and flexibility. Customers need to access these global media markets.

Through the GMN, customers are able to access new audiences, including the markets both in India and in China, to deliver content and bring local content to the world.

KAREN CLARK: The GMN's incredible coverage is underpinned by Telstra's world-class subsea cable network and our international partners in Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

ANGUS STEWART: For the future of broadcasting, a lot of our customers keep coming to us with a lot of different use cases. One that gets us quite interested is customers using the GMN for international production. Now that is quite fascinating to us because it requires a very fast, low latency dedicated network and they get the benefit of having a very flexible production crew. They could have directors in remote countries. All that means is they have more options to produce content. They can reduce their travel, reduce their costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

CARL PETCH: The GMN offers customers this flexibility to operate in various usage or consumption-based models depending on their specific usage patterns.

ANGUS STEWART: Telstra Broadcast Services delivers 22,000 hours of global content via the GMN every year. So let us help you to streamline your broadcast operations through our trusted industry media platform.

Telstra's Global Media Network, bringing a whole world of content to the whole world.

[Title} Telstra Broadcast Services

Key features

Always-on fibre network

Telstra owns and has vested interest in the largest subsea fibre network throughout the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans – spanning over 400,000 kms (250,000 miles).

Expansive satellite network

Get access to over 60 satellites via our own teleport facilities in Australia and Asia, as well as partner teleports in Europe and USA.

Media cloud connectivity

Scale your content delivery performance over cloud infrastructure and contented networks with direct connectivity into off-network rights-holders via internet delivery.

Data services

Create data channels that allow a point-to-point data link between a media company HQ and a remote event or location.

Partner Alliance

The Telstra Global Media Network Partner Alliance has 19 partner networks and growing in Asia Pacific, the Americas and Europe. Together we have 2,500 on-network (OnNet) endpoints around the world, including 1,000+ customer sites and points of presence and 1,500+ venues and stadiums.


Finance simplified

Minimise vendors with one end-to-end service accessing multiple networks from quote, through to provisions and billing. 

Multi-tiered content

Rights-holders can access multi-tiered global sport, news and entertainment content on and off-network.

Advanced network

Network technology continuously advancing to exceed video standards and business needs. 

Hybrid network of networks

Combine the best features and benefits from fibre, satellite, IP and data into one ​ cost-effective solution. 

Scalable premium SLA

Tiered support, monitoring and management from broadcast engineers in all time zones to meet SLA requirements.

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