Remote Production

The future of production is remote

Produce live broadcasts at a distance from the actual event on an end-to-end IP network custom built for the media industry. With capacity up to 100 Gbps, multiple raw camera feeds, audio and equipment control signals are delivered on Telstra’s network to centralised production hubs.

Key features

Distributed Production Network

A dedicated remote production network spanning 3500 kilometers with characteristics of high bandwidth, low latency, low jitter and low wander to deliver content from venues to centralised production hubs in Sydney and Melbourne.

IP workflow

A robust workflow between camera, IP switches and XCU that supports HD, 3G, UHD and SlowMotion feeds over large distances that handle uncompressed signal distribution.

Global connectivity

Deliver content within Australia and around the world, using our Digital Video Network and Global Media Network.


Compression options

Multiple channels of uncompressed linear contribution video for low latency.


Increase production efficiency by producing multiple events from a centralised location.

Environmental benefit

Reduce carbon footprint by reducing travel for personnel and equipment.

Service assurance

Backed by the team at Telstra Broadcast Services to ensure content is delivered between venue and production hub.

Why Telstra?

Industry expertise

We have applied our knowledge of operating some of the highest performing IP and mobile networks in the world to build a dedicated platform for the distinct needs of the media and broadcast industry.

Technology investment and strategic innovation

We have committed to a roadmap of ongoing innovation to help meet your needs now and in the future and keep you at the cutting edge.

Scale and flexibility

We can respond to your changing demands as we deliver more than 20,000 occasional use live transmission bookings annually.

Getting started

Get started with Remote Production from Telstra Broadcast Services today.