Distribute domestic and international content to reach millions

Broadcasters and content creators can securely deliver permanent content for linear transmission, online distribution, and to platforms. Telstra partners with leading satellite providers and direct-to-home (DTH) platforms, such as Foxtel, to deliver content to millions of homes with linked set-top boxes.

Key features

Digital Video Network (DVN)

Media fibre network enabling broadcasters, venues and production hubs to easily connect with content rights holders.

Media Satellite Networks

Partnerships with leading satellite providers to deliver quality content up to digital HD and encoded to MPEG4/MPEG2.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

Deliver consistent, fast access, quality viewing experiences to media content and applications.

Broadcast Operations

24/7 Level 1 service management and reporting in the Telstra Broadcast Operations Centre and Master Control Room.


Real time video transport

High capacity, low latency with support for multiple formats. Hitless mode comes as standard, providing two geographically separate video paths for high availability.

Couple with Professional Media solutions

Create multi-platform solutions that supports your media strategy, from online delivery to connecting with international content partners, and more.

24/7 media management

Anytime access to experts for support and confidence to know exactly what’s going to air.

Purpose-built solutions

Dedicated networks architected for real-time media delivery designed for peak performance and reliability.


Why Telstra?

Industry expertise

We have applied our knowledge of operating some of the highest performing IP and mobile networks in the world to build a dedicated platform for the distinct needs of the media and broadcast industry.

Technology investment and strategic innovation

We have committed to a roadmap of ongoing innovation to help meet your needs now and in the future and keep you at the cutting edge.

Scale and flexibility

We can respond to your changing demands as we deliver more than 20,000 occasional use live transmission bookings annually.

Getting started

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