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A competitive edge in a competitive sector

Stand out from the competition, retain good people and impress your clients with the smart use of new technology to help optimise your systems, people and profits.

Give your firm the competitive advantage

Retaining high calibre people and creating flexible work environments that boost productivity, are high priorities for the professional services industry.

Changing business models and global competition have made careful cost management equally as crucial.

Meanwhile protecting intellectual property and sensitive client data in an increasingly mobile and digital work is essential.

Cutting edge technology can help professional services to not only to deliver high quality service at competitive prices, but also provide innovative solutions to clients.

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We have great solutions for

Accounting Services

Build better relationships and more efficiency with smart collaboration tools and easy access to data and systems.

Legal Services

How busy legal practitioners can get closer to clients, plus use our cloud solutions to trim costs and stay competitive.

Case studies


SDE Accountants

Our cloud solution helped SDE Accountants save around $50,000 in capital expenses and boosted productivity significantly.


Galilee Solicitors - Unified Communications (TIPT)

Galilee Solicitors unified their communications systems using TIPT and saved approximately $500,000 in set up and maintenance costs.


DBM Consultants - Unified Solutions (TIPT)

DBM Consultants relies on us to maintain data accuracy, operational security and timely delivery.