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Stay ahead of industry trends and control costs.

Through better utilisation of your media assets, not only can we create a better viewer experience, but we can also help you take control of your costs and increase productivity.

Adapt and maximise opportunies

Our reliable network and state-of-the-art technology has placed our customers at the forefront, enabling the delivery of superior services and giving them a tangible and sustainable competitive advantage.

We’re proud to have built great working partnerships with some of the biggest global names in media and entertainment.

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Partnering with us means

Improved patient comfort

Cost-effective solutions

Our national coverage provides significant economies of scale with services available anywhere in Australia and at anytime.

Improved patient comfort

Secure communications

You can be confident that your data and communications will be protected by the highest level of security and continually monitored to prevent emerging threats.

Automated monitoring

Access to industry experts

Our specialists work closely in partnership with the media and entertainment industries, including cinemas, TV, radio, advertising, print publishing and gaming.

Improved patient understanding

Tailored solutions

Our solutions are flexible and tailored to meet the diversity of your market and your specific needs.

Better decision-making

Reputation for reliability

We have a reputation for high-quality service, leading-edge world-class solutions, and for delivering on time and on budget.

Innovative and flexible possibilities


More content, more continents

  • Our global media network enables point-to-point or multipoint transmission throughout Asia and the world. It’s content delivery made more reliable and simple.

Sports broadcasting and content

  • Innovate with brilliant new ideas that can enhance your sports content and take your fans to the heart of the action, wherever they may be. From the unique angles of our Globecam point-to-view cameras, to the Global Distributed Production Network, let’s create an engaging viewing experience.

Bringing broadcast and venue experiences together

  • For today’s ‘easily distracted’ sports or music fan, it’s not enough just to be at the venue. Live broadcast meets live at the ground – creating more immersive omni-channel experiences to excite even the most demanding fans.

We are passionate about finding solutions to today’s education challenges

Professional Media

Professional media presents new opportunities to increase revenue, improve customer and staff engagement, and strengthen your brand.

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Channel 9 – London Olympics 2012 Broadcast

We worked with Channel 9 and Foxtel on their broadcast of the London Olympic Games 2012.


Deepsea Challenge

We helped James Cameron maintain communications when he was discovering the Mariana Trench.


Australian Paralympic Committee 

We helped the Australian Paralympic Committee meet a rising demand for content – relieving bandwidth pressure while boosting speed and performance.



Our networks enable Bytecraft's field force to intelligently track and monitor jobs from start to finish, improving productivity and customer experience.


Telstra Professional Media

Drive reach and growth with innovative media solutions and global networks, delivered by Telstra Broadcast Services



An aged care service delivering improved resident services through video on demand.

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