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The Telstra Air Network

You’ll find Telstra Air® at thousands of hotspots across Australia - at selected Telstra pink payphones, selected Telstra stores, at the ‘home hotspots’ of other Telstra Air members and at millions of Fon Spots overseas.

Telstra Air hotspots

When you join Telstra Air, you’ll be able to access free data at selected Telstra Pink Payphones, selected Telstra stores, and at the ‘home hotspots’ of other Telstra Air members. During the Telstra Air Free Wi-Fi Data offer period, which lasts until 27 March 2018, your usage at Telstra Air hotspots and Fon Spots will be free and unmetered. For Home Broadband customers, that means it won’t count towards your home allowance. And from 28 March 2017 until 27 March 2018, you no longer need to have data remaining in your home allowance to take advantage of the offer.

Use the Telstra Air App to find your closest hotspots.

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Fon Spots

Fon provides a global Wi-Fi network, and we’re their exclusive Australian partner. As an eligible Telstra Air home broadband member or personal mobile customer, during the Telstra Air Free Wi-Fi Data offer (until 27 March 2018, unless offer is extended) you can access free data at Fon Spots overseas. From 28 March 2017, Telstra Air home broadband members will no longer be required to have data left on their home allowance in order to take advantage of the offer. Before you leave Australia:

How to connect to Fon Spots overseas.



With Telstra Air, a portion of your home broadband bandwidth is used to create a Homespot. Your Telstra Air compatible gateway will broadcast separate Telstra Air and Fon Wi-Fi signals for others to use.

Your data and information is kept separate from any users who access your Homespot. When others use your Homespot, it won't affect your home broadband allowance. While we have rules in place to help protect your experience, you may notice a small reduction in speed if you’re using your broadband service at the same time as hotspot users. These rules include limiting the number of people who can use your Homespot at the one time, the bandwidth available to them and the maximum speed we allow them.

With Telstra Air, you’ll get a lot when you share a little.


Staying safe online

Most public Wi-Fi networks, including Telstra Air, are unencrypted or open and potentially unsafe. When you’re connecting to an open network, check for the padlock icon in the address bar of your device’s web browser. This represents another layer of security. We recommend not using Telstra Air, or any public Wi-Fi network, for things like internet banking or sending and receiving sensitive materials. Information about Public Wi-Fi, including Telstra Air, is available in many places across Australia and is easy to access.



Help your kids stay safe online by establishing some ground rules about when and how they can access the internet

Young people If you come across something online that worries or upsets you, tell a parent or an adult you trust. Any information like pictures or details about yourself can be copied and shared quickly and easily. Always think twice before sharing anything online or signing up to something

For more information about staying safe online, visit



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