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Discover Telstra Air.

With Telstra Air, our Wi-Fi network, you can use your Telstra home broadband allowance at thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots across Australia and millions of Fon Spots overseas. 

About Telstra Air

As we work to give you easier access to Wi-Fi, our Telstra Air Network™ is growing. As a Telstra Air member, you can use your Telstra home broadband allowance at thousands of hotspots across Australia.

But we’re not stopping there.Thanks to our partnership with Fon you can access your Telstra home broadband allowance at millions of Fon Spots overseas.

about telstra air

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Telstra Air will share a portion of your home Wi-Fi connection to create a hotspot that others can use. When you’re out, you can access Telstra Air hotspots using your home broadband allowance to give you more connection options. You’ll get a lot when you share a little.

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Connect to Telstra Air

Once you’ve become a member of Telstra Air, you can get online using your Telstra home broadband allowance when you’re out and about, using your Wi-Fi enabled laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Don’t forget to download the Telstra Air App so that you'll be able to automatically connect to your nearest Telstra Air hotspot in Australia or Fon Spot when you’re travelling overseas.


Who are Fon?

Fon is a global Wi-Fi network, and we’re their exclusive Australian partner. Like Telstra Air, Fon members share a bit of their home Wi-Fi, and in turn, get access at millions of Fon Spots in countries like the UK, Japan, Germany, South Africa and France.

Before you take off to your next destination, download the Telstra Air App to your iOS or Android device to connect to Fon Spots where Fon is available.

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More information about Telstra Air can be found in our Support section.

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