Telstra to help deliver 30 connectivity improvement projects across Australia worth almost $55m

Media Release, 26 April 2021

As part of the Regional Connectivity Program, Telstra will deliver 30 transformative communications projects worth almost $55 million to improve connectivity across the country.

Telstra will invest almost $16 million and, together with almost $26 million from the Australian Government and over $13 million from state and local governments, will provide outcomes that will help improve connectivity and communications to regional and remote communities across Australia.

Nationally, major Telstra delivered projects will include an $9.8m infrastructure upgrade on King Island (Tas), an $8.3m fibre upgrade in East Arnhem (NT), a $6.3m network upgrade in Gippsland (Vic), a $5.6m network upgrade in Far North SA and a $5.3m transmission upgrade to Mornington Island (QLD).  

A further 25 projects primarily delivering improved mobile coverage will be undertaken at a total cost of over $19.3m.  

In announcing the outcomes of this program, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, Michael McCormack said that digital connectivity has become an essential part of how we work, learn, stay healthy and remain in contact with loved ones, and it is particularly critical to sustaining productivity growth and innovation in our regional communities.

Telstra fully supports this sentiment.

“Improving telecommunications in regional and remote Australia is a challenging and expensive task, and joint funding partnerships are essential in helping make this happen,” said Nikos Katinakis, Telstra’s Networks and IT Group Executive.

“Delivering telecommunications to these areas can require a range of technologies and infrastructure, and Telstra welcomed the flexibility that this program offered in how these outcomes could be delivered.

“Like the Mobile Black Spot Program, Telstra is pleased to be a part of this Federal Government initiated Program that will see connectivity improvements come to some of our most remote communities, he said.”

Telstra has a long history of investing in regional Australia and in the five years to end June 2020, Telstra has invested $3bn in building and improving our mobile network in regional areas.

Telstra’s mobile network is the largest in Australia and has more than 10,700 mobile base stations covering more than 2.5 million square kilometres and reaching 99.5 per cent of the Australian population.

About the RCP

The Regional Connectivity Program (the RCP) is providing $90.3 million (GST inclusive) in Commonwealth funding plus an additional $90 million state, territory and local governments, telecommunications providers, regional communities and regional businesses to undertake 81 'place-based' telecommunications infrastructure projects across regional, rural and remote Australia.

Telstra will contribute almost $16m towards this and will be responsible for delivering 30 projects with a total value of almost $55m.

The investment will provide targeted uplifts to connectivity in the regional areas which need it the most, ensuring that more Australians can access high-speed, reliable broadband and mobile services.

Grants have been allocated on a competitive basis across three funding categories, with the successful projects ranging from a targeted mobile capacity upgrades in small towns to the deployment of large-scale fixed wireless broadband networks across entire regions.


Telstra media contact:

Steve Carey – General Manager Media

Media reference number: 030/2021