Telstra is the first major Australian carrier to launch shared mobile data packages for consumers

Media Release, 01 October 2013

Telstra research has revealed an estimated 80 per cent of Australians who use multiple mobile devices like a smartphone and a tablet could benefit from sharing their mobile data allowance across their devices.
The research comes as Telstra becomes the first major carrier to launch new consumer data share packages that allow customers to share their monthly data allowance between their mobile and data devices.

Telstra Group Managing Director Consumer, Karsten Wildberger, said the move to introduce data sharing packages to consumers was a direct response to customer feedback asking for the opportunity to share their data allowance across multiple devices.

“Customers are looking for a simple solution that will allow them to manage their usage across all their devices and make their data allowance go further,” Mr Wildberger said

“Telstra’s Every Day Connect Data Share Packages will help fill that gap and allow customers to share their monthly mobile data allowance between their mobile phone and other data devices - including tablets and laptops - all under one package,”

“This streamlined approach to data sharing is about making it simple for our customer to use all the mobile data they are paying for, manage this on one monthly bill and top up easily should their usage require it .”

The new packages mean customers with up to four devices can now connect with the convenience of sharing a single pool of data on the Telstra Mobile Network - which gives you access to the largest and most reliable mobile network in Australia - removing the need to look for alternative connection points such as Public Wi-Fi access, which is often inconvenient and can be vulnerable to security risks.


There are a number of packages available at different price and data allowance points.

For example, a Consumer customer can take up a $80 Every Day Connect Data Share Package with $600 worth of calls & MMS, unlimited text and 1.1GB data, all to standard Australian numbers (and excluding use overseas) each month. Min cost $960 for 12 months or $1,920 for 24 months, 2 minute standard call is $2.38, excess data $0.10/MB.

To celebrate the launch, for customers who sign up for an Every Day Connect Data Share Package before 31 December 2013, Telstra is also offering a bonus 1GB of data to share in Australia each month for the first 12 months on this plan.

Customers who find that they need more data each month can also add Shared Data Packs to their plans, which offer additional mobile data allowance for use across eligible devices.

Monitoring data usage is easy, as customers can access easy to use options including My Plan Manager, My Account Online, the Telstra 24/7® app, Mobile Data Usage Meter and alerts sent by SMS or email within 48 hours of reaching 50%, 85% and 100% of their estimated monthly data allowance.

Full pricing can be found options can be found on

Aussies Data Diary Results

  • Telstra’s research found the increase of mobile data devices has changed the way Aussie go about their day, with more than half of people going online as soon as they wake up, almost three quarters of people going from office to online with 74 per cent of Aussies saying they connect straight after work, and three out of five people admitting to closing out their day on the internet.
  • Australians love to be connected, with almost half of people using at least 1GB of data or more per month. However, 58 per cent of people are not using all of their monthly data allowance. 
  • Queenslanders are the most connected, with 68% owning multiple mobile devices, and 18% owning more than five devices.
  • Social media is becoming a key part of our lives with more than one in three people trawling through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter every few hours. While women are the ones who are checking in more often, men are more likely to engage in online commentary, with the Federal Election and Footy Finals recent popular topics.
  • Gen Xers are more likely to be juggling multiple gadgets, with one in five owning four or more connected devices.
  • Commuters are looking for entertainment as they move from A to B, with 44 per cent of people preferring to look at their screen to looking out the window.
  • TV is about multi screening. Almost half of Australian viewers have one eye on their phone or tablet while sitting down to watch their favorite programs.
  • Small businesses also love their devices and data, with 59 per cent of small businesses use a tablet and/or smartphone, with 60 percent of small business people using them predominantly for checking email. The survey also identified that businesses are starting to acknowledge the importance of business apps with 11 per cent of respondents identify using business apps on their mobile devices. Up until now, apps have been more for personal life than for business; however, with the power of the latest smartphones and tablets, 4G mobility and the ability to share data across team members, there is now real scope for businesses to use apps to enhance productivity.