Media Release, 23 March 2021

Telstra assistance package to support flood victims in NSW

Tuesday 23 March 2021: Telstra has announced a disaster assistance package for its residential and small business customers who have lost services following the severe storms and major flooding across New South Wales.

Telstra Regional General Manager, Mike Marom said the package which includes mobile call diversion, a boost to data and free calls as well as reconnection support would be extended to those impacted across regional New South Wales and parts of Sydney.

Mr Marom said the storm damage and major floods had impacted Telstra’s mobile, landline and internet services and technicians were currently working closely with emergency services trying to reconnect these communications when safe to do so.

“We know this is an extremely challenging time for everyone in this area and it’s vital for people to be able to stay in touch with family and friends,” he said

“While we have no reports of significant damage to our network at this stage there is a loss of mains power to many sites. We are working hard to get these impacted services back online using portable generators when it is safe to do so and when emergency services give us permission.”

Mr Marom said Telstra was providing access to free calls and free Telstra Air Wi-Fi through local payphones for everyone in the affected area.

“We hope this will help to keep people connected and enable locals to ensure families and friends can be kept up to date on any needs for assistance,” he said.

Mr Marom said customers who have been displaced from their home or business during this disaster are able to access additional help including call diversion options and once off data/free call top ups.

For customers who have been displaced from their residence or business during a natural disaster event, short-term assistance can include:

·        Calls diverted from a fixed line service to another number while you're displaced from your residence or business (to Australian numbers only)

·        25GB data pack for post-paid mobile customers (applies for the remainder of your current billing cycle, please contact us should you require further data)

·        25GB prepaid data and free calls (30-day expiry, not transferrable to another service)

There may also be longer term assistance available for Telstra customers who have suffered severe damage to or loss of their premises and require longer term assistance.

The long-term assistance package includes:

·        Free call diversion from the customer’s Telstra fixed phone service to another Australian fixed or mobile service of their choice, regardless of the carrier.

·        Telstra to cover up to $500 for the connection of a Telstra fixed phone service at one temporary residence; or Re-connection of a Telstra fixed phone service at the customer’s original permanent premises

Please call 1800 888 888, enter your phone or mobile number and talk to our teams to find out how we can help.

Mr Marom said customers with a Telstra mobile service in the impacted areas will also receive an SMS message advising them of our assistance package, but also encourages customers to contact 1800 888 888 if they have been impacted.


Reference number: 020/2021