Telstra launches Adaptive Networks: the future of Data & IP

Media Release, 30 September 2020

Telstra today launched Adaptive Networks, a new suite of Enterprise network products that will change the way business customers think about data connectivity.

A key part of Telstra’s T22 strategy to build simplicity and flexibility into its products, Adaptive Networks will see Telstra release new solutions including:

  • Adaptive Connectivity: Flexible month-to-month, no-lock-in contracts with a choice of network and connectivity options, allowing customers to adapt their technology at speed as their needs change.
  • Adaptive SD-WAN: Investment in Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) capabilities to help customers harness the potential of hybrid networking, and smart integration of 4G and 5G with fixed networks.
  • Adaptive Core Networks: Investment in Telstra’s core networks, including expansion of Telstra’s flagship Next IP fibre network, Telstra Programmable Network, NBN connectivity and 5G to enable a move toward API-based flexible IT infrastructure.

As companies around Australia grapple with the accelerating need to digitise every aspect of their organisation, their network – and increasingly SD-WAN – are key enablers of transformation.

Telstra Enterprise Group Executive Michael Ebeid said the benefits Adaptive Networks will give customers – simplicity, choice and flexibility – have been made even more important due to the accelerated digital disruption triggered by the pandemic.

“COVID-19 has highlighted how critical networks are for business success, and that flexibility in those networks is just as important. Adaptive Networks enables us to lay out a menu of connectivity options for our customers to pick and choose from, with the ability to easily change or scale those solutions up or down. That gives them the flexibility to pivot to meet challenges head-on, such as the mass move to remote working we saw earlier this year. This is a significant change to today’s environment of bundled, less flexible solutions.”


Adaptive Connectivity

By unbundling connectivity and network access, Telstra will offer customers flexibility in connectivity options across Telstra fibre, NBN and Telstra’s mobile network. Telstra is also introducing the choice of month-to-month, no-lock-in contracts, or longer-term 12 to 36-month connectivity contracts with a simple minimum spend.

Phase one of Adaptive Connectivity, launching today, includes Telstra fibre access, Private networks and a range of internet options, including Telstra Internet Direct Premium Adapt and Telstra Internet Direct Lite Adapt, with new NBN options to be introduced in December. Next year, the addition of Telstra 4G and 5G mobile integration will introduce enterprise-grade rapid start connectivity and further boost network resiliency, as well as offer wireless-only solutions.

“Businesses are currently operating in uncertain times. Leaders want to future-proof their operations with fast, flexible connectivity and hybrid networking – with total confidence in security and performance – all while managing unpredictable budgets,” Mr Ebeid said.

“Our no lock-in contracts will be particularly beneficial for businesses with seasonal or short-term needs. A business could scale-up private and internet bandwidth over the Christmas season to support increased demand in a matter of days with Telstra 4G and 5G mobile rapid activation. Other customers can connect new stores via our mobile networks while a fixed connection is being installed.”


Adaptive SD-WAN

Telstra continues to make multi-million-dollar investments to enhance its SD-WAN offering for customers ready to take advantage of the benefits of software-defined networking.

Through deep partnerships with the leading SD-WAN providers, Cisco SD-WAN and Meraki, and VMware VeloCloud, Telstra has created industry-leading Adaptive SD-WAN solutions to suit a broad range of customers, from mid-market to large enterprise, with new technology and simple solutions continuing to roll-out over the next 12 months.

“Telstra is already the biggest provider of Cisco SD-WAN in Australia. Our experience and partnerships make us well placed to help customers deploy leading SD-WAN technologies with our connectivity solutions. Through a combination of automation, professional and managed services through Telstra Purple – our ICT professional and managed services business – we can make the transition to SD-WAN simple for our customers,” said Mr Ebeid.


Adaptive Core Networks

Adaptive Core Networks brings together the trusted connectivity of the largest private fibre network in Australia and the speed and capacity of Australia’s best mobile network, with ongoing investment in next generation technologies.

On top of Telstra’s multi-billion-dollar investment in its core networks, Telstra is also developing an edge compute environment leveraging Telstra fibre and 4G/5G network capabilities with a range of technology partners.


The new business environment demands speed and flexibility

Mr Ebeid said the future of enterprise networking would be built on hybrid, software-defined solutions over a broad choice of powerful, reliable and secure connectivity options.

“The world has changed. Work is no longer a place, the public face of many businesses is now digital, the demand for bandwidth has never been greater, and the importance of powerful reliable core networks has never been as important to deliver the digital experiences employees and customers expect.”


Media Contact:

Steve Carey, General Manager, Media
Reference number: 107/2020