Tech savvy seniors launches Indigenous training program

Media Release, 04 September 2013

Minister for Ageing John Ajaka and Telstra Chief Customer Officer Gordon Ballantyne today announced the launch of the Tech Savvy Elders Program as part of Adult Learners Week at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence in Redfern.

“Technology skills are so important for people of all ages,” said Minister Ajaka.

“We want to ensure that seniors have the opportunity to receive training to suit their needs so that they don’t get left behind, particularly those from diverse backgrounds and living in regional and remote communities.”

Both Telstra and the NSW Government are committed to bridging the gap between seniors who are using technology and those who are yet to engage with it.

Telstra’s Chief Customer Officer, Gordon Ballantyne, said Tech Savvy Elders will run in community settings where seniors can explore and connect with technology in a friendly, enjoyable atmosphere.

“We’re committed to helping seniors make the most of the opportunities for connection new technology offers.

“Whether it’s online shopping, paying bills, holiday planning or social media to keep connected with the grandchildren, the workshops will help seniors enjoy the benefits of being online.”

Adult Learners Week celebrates the pathways to learning and the exciting places it can lead you no matter what the age or stage of life.

Jason Glanville CEO said the NCIE is committed to creating opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples to learn skills so that they can create positive futures for themselves and their community.

“We are now entering an age where people as young as five can use a Smartphone and we don’t want our elders and senior community members to miss out on the many benefits of this new digital age.

“Learning skills such as sharing stories online and searching the internet on an iPad will empower our elders to engage and thrive with modern forms of communications. We’re pleased to be involved in The Tech Savvy Elders program, which has the potential to connect elders right across the country.”

The Tech Savvy Seniors program was launched as part of the NSW Ageing Strategy. Through a partnership between the NSW State Government and Telstra the program has been incredibly successful at delivering free or low cost training to thousands of older people at more than 70 local libraries and community colleges throughout NSW.

To find out more about the Tech Savvy Seniors and to view the NSW Ageing Strategy visit the ADHC website and the Telstra Seniors website.

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