Emergency management services advanced by Telstra solution

Media Release, 28 November 2012

Public safety and emergency management will be boosted withTelstra launching a new incident management solution that allows services to use spatial video technology to locate, detect and track incidents in real time.

Developed in partnership with EYEfi Pty Ltd, Telstra Spatial Video Solutions can assist during disasters and help protect people, property and the environment through the capture of near real-time video, telemetry and environmental data with fixed, mobile and portable cameras.

Philip Jones, Executive Director, Data & IP, Network Applications & Services at Telstra said that Spatial Video Solutions will reduce the need for manual analysis of multiple sources of information during a crisis, providing organisations such as emergency services operators with quicker, more accurate intelligence to support on-the-ground responses.

“This is the kind of technology solution which will make a real difference to our customers’ ability to anticipate and respond to emergencies,” said Mr Jones. “It supports collaboration across different agencies and jurisdictions and is designed to help our critical public and private sector services focus on what they do best - looking after Australian lives and livelihoods.” 

Telstra Spatial Video Solutions provide customers effective fire management and advanced fire, flood and lightning detection, as well as automated incident management and the ability to customise public safety solutions and asset protection for individual customer needs. The solution is hosted on Telstra’s secure cloud platform and can be accessed via web browser over Telstra’s IP network.

Users will be able to scan and pinpoint positions within seconds, linking near real-time video with relevant geospatial and environmental data to create a complete picture of conditions on the ground.
Telstra Spatial Video Solutions can also be beyond the sphere of emergency management, providing possible benefits to organisations in the  transport, border security, national parks, utilities, and mining industries.

EYEfi Pty Ltd’s founder and Managing Director, Simon Langdon, said, “The partnership with Telstra will bolster our spatial video technology with its carrier-grade reach, secure cloud platform, and national scale. These features are of extreme importance when delivering situational awareness solutions to government and emergency services organisations.”

The solution allows customers to subscribe to a managed service from Telstra, reducing capital costs whilst focusing on their core accountability. The cameras that capture the video can be controlled remotely and when coupled with unique software, can identify a location without the need for triangulation or another frame of reference.

VicRoads is one customer which has already deployed the solution to provide real-time incident visibility, automating workflow processes and improving traffic management across Victoria. “The technology has directly enabled VicRoads to improve the productivity and compliance of our officers at incident sites, with the cameras providing added security” said Greg Wylie, Team Leader, Incident Response Service, VicRoads.

For more information about Telstra Spatial Video Solutions (powered by EYEfi Pty Ltd), visit here online.