Media Release, 24 July 2018

Telstra makes excess data charges a thing of the past, unveils plan to introduce flexible telco packages

Telstra customers can today say goodbye to additional data fees in Australia with the launch of selected new mobile plans, part of the company’s first set of changes under its Telstra2022 (T22) strategy.

The new consumer mobile and tablet plans are the first in a series of product innovations Telstra is introducing under its strategy to simplify products, eliminate customer pain points and create all digital experiences.

A range of mobile plans available from today will give customers the option of replacing excess data charges in Australia with back-up Peace of Mind Data to use if they run out of their included allowance.

Telstra CEO Andrew Penn said Australians want cost certainty and the freedom to use their smartphone or tablet without thinking about whether they will run out of data and incur excess data charges in Australia.

"With data traffic on our mobile network growing at 50 per cent year-on-year, our customers are doing more and more on their devices. We know Australians often curb their smartphone use when they near their data limits and this holds them back from doing many of the things they love like connecting with friends and family on social media and streaming music. We’re ending this frustration with the introduction of Peace of Mind Data which makes excess data charges a thing of the past,” Mr Penn said.

“From enthusiastic smartphone owners to parents giving young family members their first mobile, Peace of Mind Data provides the confidence that they can use their phone or tablet and never incur additional data fees in Australia.”

Peace of Mind Data kicks in after customers reach their included data allowance to get customers through the remainder of the month. It is included on selected plans or can be added to other new plans for $10 per month.

Telstra is also introducing a $199 Ultimate plan for the ultimate smartphone owner which includes as much data as customers need at the fastest speeds available to them on Australia’s best mobile network.

Also introduced as part of the launch is a redesigned Telstra 24/7 app making it easier and more intuitive for customers to access and control their services – the first in a number of changes Telstra is making to create an effortless digital experience.

Telstra also unveiled it would soon give customers the flexibility to truly personalise their home and mobile packages based on what’s important to them.

“Our customers have told us that they don’t want to pay for things that they don’t use and therefore in October we will be launching more choice for customers allowing them to add services they value to their base plan,” Mr Penn said.

“The next product milestone in our T22 product strategy will give customers the freedom to create home and mobile packages with the features, devices and content that matters to them. Customers will be able to select a core connectivity service and add their choice of great-value companion mobile plans, home and mobile devices or their pick of a range of world-class entertainment packages.

“Entertainment will headline the new choices available to customers in October with some exciting new options that build on Telstra’s superior offerings in sports, entertainment and music.”

Mr Penn said the experience for customers accessing extra services and content on the go would be underpinned by the coverage, reliability and quality of Telstra’s mobile network which remains the key reason customers choose Telstra.

“In addition to investing in product innovation, we are investing $5 billion in our network over the three years to 30 June 2019, increasing capacity to cater for increased mobile data use which is currently growing at 50 per cent each year. We introduced the world's first gigabit-enabled 4G network coverage to Australian CBDs and we are now pioneering two gigabit-enabled areas to increase speeds and capacity as a pre-curser to 5G. And, to give our customers a superior live, fast and data-free sports streaming experience even in high traffic areas, this month we integrated LTE-B technology into our AFL Live Official app to run on Australia’s only LTE-B enabled mobile network,” Mr Penn said.

About Telstra’s new mobile plans

Telstra’s new mobile and tablet plans are available to customers who want to bring their existing device to Telstra (BYO plans) as well as for Australians looking to lease or own a new smartphone (Lease and MRO plans).

Peace of Mind Data is speed capped at 1.5Mbps which is typically suitable for streaming video in standard definition on a smartphone, listening to music, browsing the web and accessing social media. Actual user speeds at times may be lower. Peace of Mind of Data is not suitable for HD video or high speed applications, and means that some webpages, video/social media content and files may take longer to load and will be slowed further during busy periods. 

All new Mobile plans come with unlimited talk, text and MMS to standard Australian numbers plus exclusive extras available to Telstra mobile customers – including access to every AFL, regular season NRL and netball game this season live, fast and data-free. All for use in Australia.

Please find details of the new plans here 

The new suite of plans are for personal use in a smartphone or tablet only. FairPlay policy applies. For use in Australia.




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