Media Release, 05 September 2019

Telstra launches Telstra Purple - largest Australian-owned technology services business

5 September 2019: Telstra today launched Telstra Purple, Australia’s largest technology services business that brings together Telstra Enterprise’s business technology services capabilities and a number of its recently acquired companies.

Consisting of more than 1,500 people working on more than 8,000 projects annually around the world, Telstra Purple services will deliver professional and technology managed services including network, data centre, security, cloud, augmented reality, workplace and mobility, data and analytics and design services.

“Telstra Purple brings together our technology services teams under a single banner to help our customers get the most from their technology investments,” said Michael Ebeid, Group Executive, Telstra Enterprise.

“It’s people who give purpose to technology, who can make sense of what solutions and products a customer needs and then implement that technology and manage it going forward – and that is the foundation of Telstra Purple.

“Customers are increasingly looking to us to help transform their businesses, technology and operational processes, building on the connectivity backbone we are well known for both in Australia and internationally.”

Led by Christopher Smith, Telstra Purple will see the integration of Telstra’s standalone acquired entities into the new brand.

“Telstra Purple helps us take a clear and integrated value proposition to our customers, alongside our traditional products and services, as a single branded entity.” said Mr Smith.

“Our approach to Telstra Purple has been deeply collaborative, a reflection of what we stand for and how we engage with our customers – even our name came from one of our team.”

Unveiled in a keynote session at Telstra’s Vantage, the largest annual technology showcase in Australia, Telstra Purple solutions draw heavily on Telstra products and services as well as those of its strategic partners that include some of the world’s leading technology companies.

During Vantage, Telstra showcased examples of the Telstra Purple technology services work - including work to provide network solutions for QANTAS, and an augmented reality initiative with InDigital to support the preservation of indigenous culture in Australia, which was presented to the UN in August this year.

Other examples of Telstra Purple technology services work include working with the University of Queensland to improve student engagement levels through mixed reality, helping Kennards deliver on the promise of IoT, and delivering automation to network and security for one of Australia’s major banks.

 “We wanted to be able to better address the needs of our customers by bringing our acquired entities and technology services capabilities together, but we also wanted to maintain the unique culture of each company,” said Mr Ebeid.

“We did not want to unpick what has made them successful as individual companies and Telstra Purple gives us the structure to nurture their differences and build on the strengths of each team within an agile organisational construct.

“What excites me about Telstra Purple is that it represents the latest iteration of our  long history of innovation in the field of technology services. Telstra Purple helps address the changing needs of our customers as technology evolves around them - something we have been at the forefront of for over 30 years in various forms.

“Telstra Purple is a defining part of our redesigned Telstra Enterprise organisation,” he said.

Acquired entities of the Telstra Purple offering include: VMTech, MSC, Readify, Kloud, Bridgepoint, O2, NSC, iVision, and the UK’s Company85.

Telstra Purple services will be provided in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK.

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