Media Release, 18 December 2018

New Adelaide Triple Zero centre to deliver improved safety and jobs

Calls for help will soon be answered by an even stronger emergency lifeline, with Telstra announcing plans to open a third Triple Zero contact centre. 

Telstra Group Executive, Consumer and Small Business, Michael Ackland said the new centre, with the support of the Department of Communications and the Arts, would be based in Adelaide, connecting with Telstra’s other centres in Sydney and Melbourne and creating approximately 45 local jobs.

“Capability, capacity and reliability are key during an emergency or a disaster,” Mr Ackland said.

“Approximately 8.5 million calls were received by our Triple Zero contact centres last year. A third contact centre allows us the flexibility to bring in extra people during peak periods, such as a major incident or natural disaster, or to upscale in the future if necessary.

“Our Triple Zero contact centres operate on a national basis and are designed to ensure the first available Telstra agent answers the caller, irrespective of where the call originates, as quickly as possible.

“People in their hour of need expect a reliable and time effective emergency call service and opening an additional contact centre provides multiple layers of assurance for the community.

“Our strong existing local presence and available infrastructure made Adelaide the ideal location to set up our third point of contact.”

Mr Ackland said the new Adelaide contact centre was expected to open in the first half of 2019 and recruitment would begin in the new year. 

“Just like our network, our people and capability are spread across the nation and we will soon be opening applications for these unique and important roles in Adelaide,” he said.

“Telstra has a long and proud history in providing critical telecommunications services to Australians and has been operating the Triple Zero answer service for more than 55 years. 

“We take our responsibilities as the service provider for Triple Zero extremely seriously and we continue to work with relevant authorities to further improve the service.”


Media contact: Chris Marks, SA Media Manager

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Reference number: 168/2018