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Whether you've purchased a Pre-Paid tablet from Telstra, or have your own Telstra Next G® compatible device, you can take advantage of Australia's largest national mobile broadband network on the Pre-Paid Data+ Cap Offer. And, because it's Pre-Paid, you can choose to recharge as often as you like, with no need to be locked into a 12 or 24-month fixed term contract.

Getting started

Once you have your new Telstra Pre-Paid SIM card, just follow these steps to get going:

Step 1

You can Activate your SIM card by going to or by calling 12 58887, and following the prompts for Tablets.

If you're calling from a non-Telstra service and are having trouble getting through, call 13 2200 and say "Pre-Paid" when prompted.

You'll also need:

  • identification such as driver's licence or passport and your date of birth
  • the service number and SIM serial number that can be found on the back of starter pack, or box
  • authority to create a new account, or to link this new service with an existing service.
Step 2

Insert the SIM into your tablet and then turn the device on.

More information on how to get started can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Things you need to know

Next G® coverage depends on your location, device and whether your device has an external antenna attached. Visit our mobile broadband coverage page to check if you are covered.

for iPad

Your recharge options
We've included 3GB of data on our iPad starter kits to use in Australia for 30 days to get you started on your new iPad. From there it’s easy to recharge - just choose the amount that suits you best.

You have a range of flexible recharge options to choose from when you top up your data.


How to recharge
You can recharge your Pre-Paid mobile broadband whichever way suits you best with these great recharge options.

When you want to recharge
Have your credit/debit card, recharge voucher (available from a Telstra or partner store) or PayPal® account details handy, then choose one of the following options.

Managing your Pre-Paid service
Anytime you want to recharge, or check how much data you have left or when it expires, you can use the options listed above. For more details, check out the Welcome Guide when you buy your Pre-Paid device or SIM Starter Kit, or visit

Heading overseas?
International Roaming is already activated on your service and you can use your recharge credit for data while you’re away. For the best value, add an International Roaming Browse Plus Pack and enjoy great data rates in selected countries. To check which countries are available, or how to add a pack, visit

Critical Information Summary

Things you need to know

  • If you recharge your service before your recharge expiry date, the new credit expiry date for your recharge amount will be the longer of either:
    • the expiry date for your existing balance (before you recharged); or
    • the expiry date for your new recharge amount.

Delays of up to 48 hours may apply for picture, audio and video message charges to be deducted from your account. Go to our rates page for a complete list of call rates and options on international calling.

Apple and iPad are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the US and other countries.

for Tablets

Your Recharge Options

Pre-paid for Tablets


Travelling overseas with your tablet? International Roaming Browse Plus Packs can help keep your data costs under control when you're travelling abroad in selected countries.

International Roaming

International Roaming Browse Plus PackData allowance includedExpiry
Plus $29100MB30 days
Plus $85300MB30 days
Plus $160600MB30 days

Not sure how much data you'll need? Use our handy calculator to estimate your possible data usage so you can select the right Browse Plus Pack for your needs.

Please note that the data allowance in Browse Plus Packs cannot be used for call, SMS, or MMS charges while overseas. The data allowance also cannot be used in Australia. If you're not using a Browse Plus Pack, or your allowance has run out, a Pay As You Go rate of $3 per MB (charged per Kb or part thereof) will apply to all downloaded content.

How to buy

You can buy a Browse Plus Pack before you leave Australia or while you're overseas. We recommend that you visit on your Tablet, because data charges do not apply to access this site.

You can also buy a Browse Plus Pack using the following options – but please be aware that data usage charges may apply:

The cost of the pack will be deducted from your Telstra Pre-Paid Balance and you'll receive confirmation of your purchase. You can check your balance via the My Account icon in the Connection Manager.

Things you need to know

Your data allowance can only be used in selected countries. If you use up your data allowance, or if you don't purchase an International Roaming Browse Plus Pack (or if you roam in a country which is not a selected country in which you can use your Browse Plus Pack) we will charge you $3 per MB (charged per Kb or part thereof) of data you use, which will be deducted from any Pre-Paid credit you may have on your service.

The data allowance in Browse Plus Packs cannot be used for call, SMS, or MMS charges while overseas. Check our itinerary builder to find out how much those services cost in the countries you are visiting.

The data allowance in the Browse Plus Packs cannot be used in Australia. Any unused data will be forfeited at the end of the 30 day period.

Android is a trade mark of Google Inc. ® Registered trade mark of Telstra Corporation Limited ABN 33 051 775 556.

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