Here are some guidelines to follow so you can provide us the information we need to assess your claim. Use this form if you wish to claim for losses greater than $1000.

A: Supporting Documents and calculating loss of profit

To assess your claim, we'll need some key information from you. This information helps us understand your business and the impact the Warrnambool Exchange Fire had on your business.

  1. Tell us about the type of business you run. Specifically, is your business a manufacturing, retail or service industry business?
  2. How was your business impacted by the loss of Telstra services?
  3. Can you give an estimate of the percentage of revenue and profit your business earns in a normal month of trading because of your Telstra services?
  4. What is your estimate of lost profit as a result of the Warrnambool Exchange Fire? Lost profit is calculated by:
    1. your estimate of revenue or income that you would have earned if you'd had your Telstra services; minus
    2. the actual revenue or income you lost during that period and your cost of sales;
  5. Financial documents showing the impact. These can include your quarterly Business Activity Statements for October-December 2011 and for October-December 2012, or Profit and Loss Statement for the period when you were without Telstra services. For example, Profit and Loss Statements for the months of September, October, November and December 2011, and for the same months in 2012 will assist us to assess your claim.

If you think your losses are greater than $1000, but you can't yet quantify your claim, you may wish to make a claim for an interim compensation. To assess a claim for interim compensation we will still need some financial information from you showing the impact of the exchange fire. If you make an interim claim you will be able to make another claim when you are able to determine if you have suffered additional loss.

For instance, you may be able to quantify some losses now (such as additional expenses that you would not have incurred if your services had not been interrupted).

B: Costs & Losses which are not claimable

You'll incur certain costs which can't be claimed even if there were problems with our services. These costs include renting your business premises, employee wages, lighting, heating or cooling your premises, and depreciating furniture and fittings. Also, we don't compensate you for:

  • your costs in preparing your claim (including professional fees)
  • your costs in contacting us to report a fault
  • any goodwill that you claim that you have lost
  • pain of mind and suffering

What happens next?

When we receive your completed claim form, we'll assess your claim. We'll review how you say your loss was caused, and the material you supply in support of your claim.

Providing complete supporting information will help us review your claim promptly and determine if you're entitled to any compensation. Incomplete information may slow down our review of your claim.

If we offer to pay you compensation, or interim compensation, we'll make it without prejudice. This means you won't be able to disclose the offer to a court if you choose to reject the offer and take legal action. We may also ask you to sign a short release agreement before we pay you compensation or interim compensation.

Before making a claim or accepting any offer of compensation we may make, you may wish to seek independent legal advice. You may also wish to consult the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, though we encourage you to give us the chance to first deal with your claim before approaching the Ombudsman.

Claim Form

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Your details

Account representative

Others involved

Information to help us understand your business

Amount claimed

Claim for loss of profit (see note A first)

Attach documents supporting your claim (see note A first)

Please read carefully the Guidelines to completing your claim form and attach the documentary evidence which substantiates your claim

In the absence of documentary evidence to support your claim, Telstra may not be able to consider your claim. It's in your best interest in the first instance to provide enough substantiation to support your claim.

  1. Business Activity Statements for October-December 2011
  2. Business Activity Statements for October-December 2012
  3. Profit and Loss statement for the period when you were without Telstra services
  4. Profit and Loss statements for the months of September, October, November and December 2011 and for the same months in 2012.
  5. Other documents you think would help us review your claim – this is especially important if you are making an interim claim for compensation


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