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Self Service

The use of the Self Service is specifically subject to the terms and conditions in this clause.

1.1 Nature of Service

(1) Self Service allows you to request changes to your Telstra service, such as activation of call barring and international roaming and changes to your billing address, using the "Change my service" function on the Telstra Business Portal ("Change my service request").

1.2 Processing Change my service requests

(1) Changes to your service will take effect when your Change my service request is processed by us, unless we notify you otherwise or unless otherwise specified below.

(2) We will aim to process requests to activate call barring and international roaming within 48 hours of receipt but do not promise to do so.

1.3 Terms and conditions for specific Change my service requests

Call Barring requests are subject to the specific terms and conditions set out below.

(1) Call barring: Call barring is only available where it is technically feasible.

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