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Magic is all around us The magic of technology is universal – allowing us to do wondrous things. It can put us in two places at once. Help save a life. Breathe life into machines. Fuelled by imagination, the magic of technology creates infinite possibilities, helping every one of us to truly thrive.


We’re always looking for a better way

What if you could…? That’s what our engineers, innovators, service staff and advisors ask themselves whenever they’re faced with a problem. When your favourite devices didn’t work in Australian conditions, we helped make it possible. When you wanted to take your home broadband data with you, we built Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network. Why? Because we don’t settle for ‘good enough’.

Feel close to what matters most

Technology offers us magic of a different kind. The type you can hold in the palm of your hand, that keeps your loved ones close, and your world more connected than ever before.

Be free to share and laugh, stay in touch with your passions, with people, with nothing in particular or infinite possibilities.

We’ve built Australia’s best mobile network, Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network and Australia’s most trusted broadband network. Think of them as there to help you thrive.

What makes our mobile network better

Australia’s fastest

We have Australia’s fastest mobile network, based on national average combined 3G/4G speeds. So you can stream, upload or download, or just unload. 

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Australia’s largest

We’ve brought 4G coverage to more places in Australia than any other provider. So more townships that couldn’t communicate, do business or enjoy Game of Thrones on 4G now have access to the Telstra mobile network. Plus, we have the largest mobile network coverage of any carrier reaching 99.3% of the population and 2.4M sq. km. of the country – that’s hundreds of thousands of sq. km. more coverage than our nearest competitor.

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The Network that Innovates

We have delivered Australia’s first Voice capability on 4G, allowing faster call connection times and faster browsing while also on a voice call. Plus, we were the world’s first to launch commercial services supporting data up to 600Mbps speeds (Cat 11 devices in selected capital city CBDs for peak speeds, typical speeds will be lower) and the world’s first to demonstrate speeds up to 1Gbps speeds on a live mobile network.

Australia’s lowest dropout rate

We have the lowest call dropout rate of any Network in Australia. And, with coverage in more buildings across Australia you’ll also get fewer dead-spots.

What makes our Wi-Fi network better?

We’re Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network

Telstra Air is Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network, with over 400,000 hotspots across Australia. Eligible mobile and broadband customers can now access Wi-Fi wherever they’re in range of a Telstra Air hotspot. So you can get some Air, while you get some fresh air.

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You can take your data overseas

When you’re with us, you can feel close even when you’re far away. That’s because Telstra Air members can use their home broadband data allowance at millions of hotspots in selected countries. So you can Skype, stream and get connected when you’re away from home. 

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What makes being connected at home better?

We can smooth your move to the nbn™ network 

The nbn™ network is Australia’s landline phone and internet network. As an nbn network retail service provider, we can assist your transition and arrange your nbn appointment. And with our range of bundles, you can also add an entertainment package to bring your home to life.

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Enjoy home broadband with bundles of entertainment

Our home broadband is fast, reliable and affordable. There’s even 24x7 Support to help keep you connected. And when it comes to our bundles, they’re designed with you in mind. Choose from full entertainment packages, to basic home phone and broadband options.

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Our little touches make a big difference

When you’re with us, you’re not on your own. Our Telstra Platinum service provides 24x7 Support for most gadgets, computers and your internet. While Telstra Broadband Protect helps to protect every device connected to your Telstra home broadband service. 

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