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$3 movie magic with
Telstra Thanks

Movies, shared with the ones you love – it’s the best kind of magic. With Thanks Thursday, you can now watch HD movies fresh from the cinema on your compatible device, for only $3. Each Thursday you will have a choice of three new release movies to watch for half the price of a HD rental.


How it works
  1. Login to BigPond Movies.
  2. Every Thursday, choose from the new releases with the $3 Telstra Thanks sticker.
  3. Watch your movie within 24-hours on your BigPond Movies compatible device which could be your Android or Apple device, Telstra TV, Telstra T-Box, Smart TV, or computer Browser.

On Thursdays visit BigPond Movies to view the $3 new release movies.

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This weeks $3 Thanks Thursday Movies

3 Generations

3 Generations

Ray is a teenager who has come to the realisation that he isn't meant to be a girl and has decided to transition from female to male.

His single mother, Maggie, is supportive but must track down Ray's estranged father for legal consent, sparking a series of uneasy family reunions. Meanwhile, Ray's quick-witted grandmother has a hard time coming to terms with his life-altering decision.

The Last Face

The Last Face

In war-torn Liberia, Wren and Miguel are international aid workers brought together by their commitment to their humanitarian mission.

But as the violence around them escalates, they must find a way to keep their relationship alive despite being divided over how best to solve the conflict around them.



When American historian Deborah Lipstadt speaks out against the lies of the notorious English Holocaust denier David Irving, he sues her for defamation.

The whole world may know that the Holocaust happened, but now, Deborah needs to prove it.