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Lift them to new heights

The Telstra Ballet Dancer Award was created in 2003 to foster dancers in The Australian Ballet, helping them reach their full potential and truly thrive.

This year, six performers all with unique talents were nominated for their artistic quality, powerful stage presence and contribution to The Australian Ballet.

Meet the 2018 Nominees

From their hard work behind the scenes, to the radiance of the stage, watch as our 2018 nominees step into the spotlight, and then vote for your favourite dancer below.

Corey Herbert

Challenges the conventional

Corey’s unique style and effervescent personality makes her a true individual at The Australian Ballet. While off stage she’s fun-loving and freewheeling, onstage she embodies the grace of the classic ballerina.


Lucien Xu

Brings character to his technique

Having left home at 11 to train as a ballet dancer, Lucien brings an extraordinary technical talent to the stage. But it’s his love of the artistry, characterization and expression that sets him apart as a brilliant performer.


Jade Wood

Thrives when confident

Jade’s strength and confidence onstage belies a natural shyness. But when she performs, the years of sacrifice, hard work and self-doubt are forgotten and she truly thrives.


Nathan Brook

Turns fear into power

When Nathan steps onstage, he can feel the audience’s expectation. But his ability to transform that energy into a joyful and powerful physical expression makes him a formidable presence within the company.


Rina Nemoto

Takes the intrepid path

Rina’s incredible passion and talent have taken her around the world in pursuit of excellence. From her home in Tokyo to Paris, London and finally Melbourne, her intrepid spirit speaks to her commitment and love of ballet.


Brodie James

Dances with pride

Brodie’s tenacity sustained him through high school, where his love of dance made him a target. With the support of family and colleagues, today he dances with a strong sense of pride and a drive to achieve even greater heights.