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Telstra Air Merchant®

Serve your customers better with guest Wi-Fi.

Add Telstra Air Merchant to your eligible Telstra business broadband to offer your customers guest Wi-Fi and targeted promotions. Gain valuable customer insights to support you in providing a better customer experience.
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Serve your customers better

splash page

Present a professional and rewarding experience to your customers on multiple devices.

login options

Set a login option that best suits the needs of your business and your customers.


This feature lets you delight and reward your customers. 

Know your customers better


Customer insights

Better customer understanding for tailoring your products, services and offers for a better customer experience.


Dashboard reporting

An easy-to-use dashboard that provides data analytics for small businesses to easily identify behavioural and demographic insights to find new business opportunities.


Customisable surveys

A simple and cost-effective way to get to know your customers and how best to serve them.



in addition to your Telstra Business Fixed Broadband plan cost (24 months contract)

Min cost $2,640 for 24 months on a Telstra Business Broadband Plan (small on nbn™).

Data charges apply. 

Not available on DOT ADSL.

Visit your nearest Telstra Business Centre


Contact 13 20 00 to purchase


Critical information summary

How everything works together

  Customer gateway

Telstra provided (or BYO) broadband gateway that broadcasts private Wi-Fi signals to run your business services.

  Merchant Hotspot

Dedicated guest Wi-Fi signals that are separate from your secured private Wi-Fi network.

  Guest Wi-Fi

Anyone can connect to your guest Wi-Fi, and you can learn about them through Wi-fi analytics

  Telstra Air

Telstra Air customers connect automatically via our App, and you don't pay for the data they use.

Manage your guest Wi-Fi with our control panel

Personalise your guest Wi-Fi connection page and network name.

Display promotions before customers connect.

Display information about your business.

Control the amount of time/data customers use.

Collect aggregated customer usage analytics.

Collect aggregated demographic customer data.

Redirect customers to your website/social media page.

Collect social media profile information.

Welcome to Telstra Air Merchant® Advisor

We want to help you make an informed decision before purchasing Telstra Air Merchant, so that you can decide if this is the right product for you and your business.

The information below guides you through a number of items to consider, such as:


Max concurrent users
Recommended maximum number of users that can connect to your Wi-Fi at the same time.

Optimal Wi-fi performance
Where to place your hotspot in your premise.

Reducing interference
How to reduce interference to the Wi-Fi signal to gain the best performance.

Max Concurrent Users Illustration

Business is on Recommended maximum number of users connected to your Wi-Fi at the same time
ADSL 10 users
nbn™ 30 users

For this illustration, we have made the following assumptions:

  • The business’s Wi-Fi users are connecting to its internet service simultaneously via (1) the Telstra Air Merchant guest Wi-Fi signal, (2) the Telstra Air Wi-Fi signal, and/or (3) the business’s private Wi-Fi signal.
  • The business’s Wi-Fi users expect average speeds of 500kbps per user for surfing and streaming.
  • The business’s underlying internet speed for the Telstra ADSL example is 5Mbps, and for the nbn example is 15Mbps, at the times your customers and staff are most likely to use Wi-Fi. 

The recommendation above is based on assumptions that may not be true for your business. For example, your underlying internet speeds might be faster of slower than we’ve assumed. Before you purchase a Telstra Air Merchant subscription, we recommend that you perform speed tests during your business’s busy times, think about your typical customers’ likely internet activities, and discuss with us.

Please note that, regardless of your business’s actual underlying internet speed, we recommend not exceeding a maximum of 50 concurrent Wi-Fi users.

For more information nbn speeds please see https://www.telstra.com.au/broadband/nbn/nbn-speeds-explained

Optimal Wi-Fi performance

Depending on the size of your premise and its layout, you may find areas where the Wi-Fi signals are not as strong as they should be.

Here are some tips to help improve your Wi-Fi set up:

For optimal performance, place your hotspot flat in a central location to where your customers will user their Wi-Fi devices.

Reducing interference

Interference can come from items such as, microwave ovens, cordless phones, EFTPOS machines and even old TVs. Avoid obstruction by metal objects or structural walls and do not place near a microwave oven or sources of heat or humidity.

Already an existing Telstra Air Merchant  customer?

Access Telstra Air Merchant Control Panel


How-to videos to get you started

How to set up your Telstra Air Merchant hotspot

Telstra Air Merchant gives you valuable insight into your customers while creating brand loyalty through a customised guest wi-fi experience. This video will show you how to set up your hotspot so you and your customers can start benefiting from it.

How to set up promotions in the Telstra Air Merchant control panel

Watch this video to learn how to create and schedule promotions that your customers will see when they connect to your Telstra Air Merchant™ Wi-Fi service.

How to customise your Telstra Air Merchant splash page

Telstra Air Merchant creates brand loyalty through a customised guest wi-fi experience. This video will show you how to customise your splash page.

How to set up surveys in the Telstra Air Merchant control panel

Watch this video to learn how to create a survey for your customers in the Telstra Air Merchant control panel.

How to configure your Telstra Air Merchant hotspot

Telstra Air Merchant creates brand loyalty through a customised guest wi-fi experience. This video will show you how to configure your hotspot so customers experience your Wi-Fi how you want them to.

How to make the most of the Telstra Air Merchant control panel

Telstra Air Merchant not only helps you provide your customers with wi-fi, it also provides you with valuable information about your customers. This video will show you how to make the most of what Telstra Air Merchant™ has to offer.

How to benefit from customer analytics with Telstra Air Merchant

Telstra Air Merchant provides valuable analytics which you can use to make business decisions and drive growth. Watch this video to learn more about the analytics available to you and some ways you might consider using them.


Q: What’s the difference between this product and  just giving out my existing Wi-Fi details?

A: Telstra Air Merchant separates your guest Wi-Fi signal from your private business Wi-Fi signal while still using the same data allowance.  It’s easy to setup and simple for your customers to use. There are no passwords to remember or to give out to your customers, and less maintenance for you. You can also provide offers and communicate with your guests via the splash page to help generate repeat business.


Q: Why do I need a Telstra Business Fixed Broadband Service?

A: This product is associated with Telstra Business Fixed broadband services only (with the exception of DOT ADSL, which is not eligible for Telstra Air Merchant).


Q: How can I get Telstra Air Merchant?

A: You can get Telstra Air Merchant as an additional service if you are purchasing, or already have, one of the following products and a compatible gateway.


Q: What new Wi-Fi signals will my Telstra Air Merchant hotspot broadcast?

A: Your hotspot will broadcast a guest Wi-Fi signal (SSID) and the Telstra Air SSID for your customers to use.  Your gateway will continue to broadcast a private SSID for your business use.


Q: Will I get analytics on community members that connect to my hotspot’s Telstra Air signal?

A: No, you will only get analytics on guests connecting to your guest Wi-Fi signal (SSID).


Q: Does the data my guests use when connecting to my Wi-Fi get taken from my Business Fixed Broadband data allowance?

A: Data used by someone connected to your guest Wi-Fi or private business Wi-Fi signal will be taken from your data allowance.  Data usage on the Telstra Air signal does not affect your data allowance.


Q: What happens when I go over my data allowance due to guests using my Wi-Fi?

A: If you exceed your Telstra fixed broadband data allowance, you will be charged for excess data according to the terms and conditions of your broadband service.


Q: How can I limit the amount of data my guests can use?

A: You can limit the data usage on your guest Wi-Fi by speed, data, number of sessions and time that guests get to access the internet by adjusting the settings in the Telstra Air Merchant portal.


Q: Will my Wi-Fi be fast enough for my customers to get a good experience?

A: The speed of your Wi-Fi depends on a number of factors, including the speed into your premises of your internet service and the location of your hotspot and users.  Your bandwidth is shared between all your users, so as the numbers of users connecting goes up, the speeds available to each user will drop.  Whether each user feels they are getting a good experience will depend in part on what they want to do online (eg, streaming video will typically require more bandwidth than writing e-mails). Take a look at our illustration [LINK TO ‘PERFORMANCE’ TAB ABOVE] to find out more about concurrent usage with Telstra Air Merchant. A minimum internet speed of 6 Mbps is recommended for Telstra Air Merchant. To learn more about broadband speeds and speed test your internet connection, please visit our broadband user guides.  


Q: What do the coloured lights on my hotspot mean?

A: The colour tells you the hotspot’s status:

  • Orange – Hotspot is starting up 
  • Rainbow – Hotspot is initialising/scanning 
  • Blinking blue - Hotspot is upgrading 
  • Green – Hotspot is running, no one connected 
  • Blue - Hotspot is running with devices connected 
  • Blinking orange – Hotspot is missing internet connection


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