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With over 1 million hotspots in Australia and millions of Fon spots overseas, the world’s at your fingertips with Telstra Air.

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Going overseas? Check out our partner Fon's hotspots.

Fon is our global Wi-Fi partner that connects Telstra Air customers to millions of hotspots overseas. Telstra Air guest passes can’t be used at Fon spots overseas.

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Telstra Air hotspots

How does it work?

Eligible Telstra mobile and broadband customers can access free and unlimited Wi-Fi data at selected Telstra Air pink payphones, selected Telstra stores, and at the ‘home hotspots’ of Telstra Air members.

All you need to do is activate a Telstra Air account, find a hotspot and connect to start enjoying Telstra Air when you’re out and about. 


Fon hotspots

Fon is our global Wi-Fi partner that connects Telstra Air customers to Wi-Fi data at millions of hotspots overseas. Check that Fon is available at your destination.

Before you leave Australia, you’ll need to activate your service so that Fon has your Wi-Fi details. Download the Telstra Air App and log in with your Telstra ID and password.

If you don’t have the app, you can access your overseas Fon username and password in Telstra 24x7 My Account. This is different to your Telstra ID.



If you have an eligible Telstra home broadband service and a Telstra Air-compatible gateway, you can activate Telstra Air to get access to our Wi-Fi network, and your home broadband will create a residential hotspot. Your gateway will broadcast separate Wi-Fi signals for other Telstra Air customers to use.

To help protect your home broadband experience we limit the number of people who can use your residential hotspot at the one time, the bandwidth available to them and the maximum speed they can experience. However, there are times when you may notice a small reduction in speed if you’re using your home broadband service at the same time as Telstra Air hotspot users.

Fon coverage maps will indicate the location of your Telstra Air hotspot.

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