Telstra Air at home

Be a part of Australia's largest Wi-Fi network by broadcasting a Telstra Air signal from your home.

Once you’re part of the network, you’ll get free Telstra Air data so using a Telstra Air hotspot won’t use up any of your home data allowance.

How does it work?

With Telstra Air, your home broadband can be used to create a home hotspot. Your Telstra Air compatible gateway will broadcast separate Wi-Fi signals for other Telstra Air customers to use. 

To help protect your home broadband experience we limit the number of people who can use your home hotspot at the one time, the bandwidth available to them and the maximum speed we allow. However, there are times when you may notice a small reduction in speed if you’re using your home broadband service at the same time as Telstra Air hotspot users. Fon coverage maps will indicate the location of your Telstra Air hotspot.


Does using Telstra Air impact my data allowance?

No, Telstra Air no longer draws from your home broadband data allowance as it once used to. Telstra Air customers who access your home hotspots won’t be accessing your home broadband allowance either.”


Am I eligible?

All you need is an eligible home broadband service with Telstra and a compatible gateway (modem).


Is Telstra Air secure?

Your home Wi-Fi signal is separate from the Telstra Air or Fon signals. This means your data and information will be kept separate from Telstra Air and other Telstra Air users.

Like most public Wi-Fi networks, Telstra Air is an unencrypted and open network. We don’t recommend using it for things like internet banking or sending and receiving sensitive materials. 


Can I opt out?

You can deactivate Telstra Air from your home broadband account at any time, though you can only leave and re-join the Telstra Air community once per calendar month.

To opt out, log in to Telstra 24x7 My Account, select your home broadband service and click the "deactivate" button.

By deactivating Telstra Air, you won’t be able to access our network of hotspots in Australia or overseas with your home broadband service.



More information about Telstra Air can be found in our Support section.

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