Depending on your device, you may receive these alerts:

  • Pre-Paid service activation alerts
  • Low credit alerts
  • Main balance expiry alerts, four days before expiry
  • Bonus and Plus Pack low balance alerts
  • Account deactivation alerts – 32 days and 8 days before the recharge only period ends
  • Change of Pre-Paid offer confirmations
  • Scheduled and automatic recharges
  • Pre-Paid marketing messages
  • Global roaming alerts
  • Subscriptions and purchases including MessageBank®
  • Mandatory service messages
  • Occasional Telstra service messages

You can opt to stop receiving most SMS alerts, but we recommend you keep them as they let you know important information about your Pre-Paid service, like your balance and expiry dates.

You’ll still be able to check your balance and expiry dates in the My Telstra app or My Account. You can also update your personal details in My Account.

To opt out of receiving most SMS alerts, text the word 'Stop' to 125 8884 (this is a free service). You’ll get a confirmation message, but it may take up to 24 hours for all alerts to stop.

After you’ve opted out, we’ll still send you some SMS alerts, including:

  • Mandatory confirmation of things like recharges, change-of-offers and Plus Pack purchases
  • Pre-Paid marketing offers that have a separate opt out
  • Mandatory global roaming alerts
  • MessageBank® notifications
  • Occasional Telstra service messages

To opt back in, you’ll need to contact us.

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