We’re phasing out a few Pre-Paid features
To simplify the Pre-Paid plans we offer, and to help you get the most from our mobile network, we’re busy redesigning some of our Pre-Paid services and saying goodbye to a few features. From 13 October 2020, these features will no longer be available on our Pre-Paid plans.
International Roaming
Accessing roaming or purchasing new data packs and recharges will no longer be an option from 13 October. A new version of this will launch mid-2021. Purchased a 6 or 12-month recharge but can no longer travel or still using International Roaming overseas? Find out about your options here.
Credit Me2U
You’ll no longer be able to transfer credit from one account to another. To enable you to transfer your balance before then (if you want to), until 13 October, we’ve upped your maximum to $200/transfer, up to $1,000/day.
Telstra Air
Your Pre-Paid service will no longer be able to access our Telstra Air Wi-Fi spots from 1 November. If you’ve purchased a 6 or 12-month recharge that’s no longer suitable without Telstra Air, you can request a partial refund. Find out about refund options here.
SMS or BPAY recharge payment
After 13 October, please use #100# to recharge, change plans or view your balance. To see other recharge options, just visit recharge.telstra.com
Message Bank Call Back
If you’d like to use our Message Bank make call back services after 13 October, simply SMS +61101.

International Roaming

Telstra Air

Credit Me2U



Recharge via SMS to 1258885

If I recharge less than $10 before expiry, what happens to my unused data?

You won’t lose your unused data as you still have until the expiry date of the previous recharge to use it. You need to keep recharging $10 or more for data to be saved in your Data Bank.

How do I call and text friends and family overseas with Pre-Paid Complete? ,/p>

When you recharge $30 or more, you’ll get included international call minutes to standard numbers in 50 selected destinations in both zone 1 and zone 2. The number of included call minutes depends on the amount you recharge. View the Pre-Paid Complete plan inclusions for more information.

Selected destinations for each zone are as follows:

Zone 1

Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, UK, USA, Vietnam.

Zone 2

Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Columbia, Iceland, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, France, Iran, Israel, Kenya, Kuwait, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Peru, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates.

Your Extra Credit can be used to send international texts charged at 20c per text. It can also be used on calls to destinations not included in the ones above. View the full international call and text rates.

Can I purchase Google Play content using my credit?

You won’t be able to purchase content from Google Play using the included credit on this plan.