Pre-Paid Complete plans are no longer available for new customers. Explore our new Pre-Paid plans.

Pre-Paid Complete is an everyday value plan with calls, texts and data included with each recharge. If you’re on an older plan, you can continue to remain on your current plan. If you decide to switch to Pre-Paid Complete, you won’t be able to switch back to your old plan if it’s no longer available to new customers. You can only switch between Pre-Paid Complete and our other current plans.

If you’re currently on Pre-Paid Complete, you’ll automatically receive the new inclusions on your next recharge. You don't have to do anything to receive them. If your current plan isn't Pre-Paid Complete, you'll need to change to Pre-Paid Complete first.

Before changing to this plan, you should first compare it to your current one, including expiry periods, as these may differ.

Important: If you change plans, you may lose unused portions of your current plan. So, if you’ve got unused credits for calls, texts and data, it’s best to use them up before changing plans.

If you change from plans that are compatible with Telstra Pre-Paid Complete, you won’t lose any inclusions. Compatible plans include:

  • Pre-Paid Max
  • Pre-Paid Extra
  • Pre-Paid Plus
  • Freedom Plus

You’ll need to recharge to get the benefits of Pre-Paid Complete.

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