To block a domain: 

  1. Go to Telstra Mail
  2. Log in using your Telstra email address and password  
  3. Select  Settings on the top right of the screen 

  4. Select  Mail on the left hand menu 

  5. Select  Blocked Senders on the sub menu 

  6. In the pop-up screen enter the domain with the symbols *@ in front of it. eg: * 

  7. Select  Add 

Good to know

  • To block a domain you must enter the whole domain exactly as it appears. 
  • Similar domains won’t be blocked. Eg: won’t block You’d need to block as well.
  • If you receive unsolicited marketing, do not unsubscribe as this may validate your email address to spammers, who will then send more. Block the domain instead. 

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