Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag FAQs

Getting started

How do I set up my Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag?

To set up and pair your Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag, follow the steps below. If you are an existing Telstra Locator subscriber with an active Cat-M1 Add On, please skip to step 4.

  1. Download the Telstra Locator app to your device.

  2. Sign in using your Telstra ID and password. If you don’t have a Telstra ID, register now to get a Telstra ID. If this is the first time you’re signing in, you’ll be prompted to locate your device and pair your Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag. You can do this via the dashboard, the display that appears as soon as you’ve opened and signed into the Telstra Locator app.

  3. You need to be in a Telstra LTE-M coverage area to connect to your Tag.
    Tip: Being closer to windows or outdoors helps improve coverage to the network.

  4. Tap the ‘+’ icon to pair your Tag to your account (check that your Bluetooth and Location Services are enabled).

  5. On your Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag, find the button located under the logo on the top and press it twice. Your Tag should be near your device for optimal connection.

  6. You’ll be asked to personalise your Tag by selecting a name and image for it, depending on its use.

  7. Once you’ve successfully paired your Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag to your device, you’ll be directed back to the dashboard where you’ll be able to view the location data of your Tag on the map.

  8. Optional: You can then choose to assign a profile type to your Cat-M1 Tag. There are three profiles designed for different use cases; each will have an impact on the Tag’s reporting frequency, and therefore on its estimated battery life. Refer to ‘Using my Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag’ below for more information.  

How many Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tags can I add to my Telstra Locator subscription?

You can purchase up to 99 Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tags, however the  Tag is a product tailored for Personal and Small Business use. If you require a substantial number of Tags to fulfil a business need, please see our business grade technology solutions. Any Cat-M1 Tag you purchase does not count toward the number of devices in your base subscription however you will require a Cat-M1 Add On to be able to use it.

Do I need to upgrade my Telstra Locator subscription in order to use my Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag?

To enjoy peace of mind when it comes to locating your things via the Telstra Locator LTE-M Network, a $5 Cat-M1 Add On to the base Telstra Locator subscription is required for each Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag you purchase.

Why does my Locator app say "tag limit reached" when I am attempting to pair my Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag?

This notification will be displayed if you don’t have a Cat-M1 Add On attached to your Telstra Locator Subscription, or if you have tried to pair more Tags than the number of Cat-M1 Add Ons you have on your account. Each Tag purchased requires its own Cat-M1 Add On.

What do all the lights mean on my Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag?

First power on and diagnostics

Solid (Red)

No connection to LTE-M network.

Please ensure you are within range of the Telstra LTE-M Mobile network. 

Check Telstra LTE-M network coverage

Solid (Amber)

Connection has been established with the Telstra LTE-M network.

Solid (Magenta)

Connection has been established with Telstra Locator service.

Solid (Green)

Tag has been successfully added to your account and data has been received. 

Off/No LED

Tag is either powered off or operating as per normal.


After activation

Flashing (Red)

Tag has a low battery and requires charging. 

Solid (Cyan)

Tag is performing an Over the Air firmware update.

Solid (Green)

Tag is connected and functioning.

Flashing (White)

Tag is connected to a power source and charging.

Solid (White)

Tag is now fully charged. 

Off/No LED

Tag is either in Flight Mode, battery has gone flat or it is operating as per normal. 


Where can I download the Telstra Locator app?

You can download the Telstra Locator app from the App Store (iOS Devices) or Google Play Store (Android Devices).

To set up the Telstra Locator app on your device, you’ll need to make sure you’re connected to the internet. You’ll also need to have your Telstra ID and password handy. If you don’t have a Telstra ID, you’ll be prompted to create one during the set-up process.

How do I set up a zone for my Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag?

Zones can be set up the same way as your devices.

How do I create a notification?

Notifications can be set up the same way as your devices and you can create multiple notifications for multiple zones.

How do I confirm that my Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag has successfully paired?

On successful pairing, the LED light on your Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag will remain white for 15 seconds to confirm it has completed set up.

How do I find my Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag when I know it's not nearby?

The Telstra Locator app will show you the last known approximate location and time of your Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag. This could be when your phone was last connected with your Tag or a more recent location update from the Telstra Locator LTE-M Network or Bluetooth Community.

To view the last known approximate location, open your Telstra Locator app and select your Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag from the menu. From here, you’ll also be able to see your location history for the past 30 days when it’s been in range of your phone or when the Telstra Locator Network last detected it.

Even though the last known approximate location update occurred in the past, the location displayed in your app is a great place to start your search. When you arrive at the last known approximate location, refresh the Telstra Locator app to see if you are back in Bluetooth range of your Tag (the Telstra Locator app will alert you if your Telstra Locator Bluetooth Tag is nearby).

Next, select the Ring icon to make the tag play a tone, which may help you find where your Telstra Tag is hiding.

Can I set my Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag to silent?

No, your Tag can't be set to silent.

How long is my warranty period?

Your Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag warranty commences from the date of purchase and lasts for 24 months. This voluntary warranty is in addition to any rights you have under consumer protection legislation, including under the Australian Consumer Law. View Telstra Locator warranty.

How long before my Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag needs charging?

The battery life of your Tag depends on use – how often it is moving and how often you ring the Tag. With regular use, it should last up to 10 days between charges.

How do I recharge the battery of my Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag?

illustration of Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag and USB-C cableTo charge, connect the USB-C cable provided into the Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag and plug the other end into a USB power source. The LED light on top of the Tag will start to flash white to indicate that charging has commenced.

Depending on the power source, your Tag should take approximately 2 hours to complete its charge. When charging is complete, the LED light will stop flashing and remain white.


My Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag makes a range of different sounds, what do they mean?

Bip Bip

This tone is played when you press the Tag. It means the Tag is "awake" and able to communicate. No action is required.

Telstra Tone (this is the sting)

The Telstra tone is played when the Tag is first powered up and whenever you ring the Tag.


Does my Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag have a SIM card?

Yes, it does. This enables your Tag to connect to the Telstra Locator LTE-M network. This SIM card is not able to be removed from your Tag and is not linked to your Telstra account. Your Tag doesn’t have a mobile number associated to it and you are not able to use it to make phone calls. This SIM has restricted access to Telstra's network and International Roaming is disabled.

How frequently will my Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag report its location to the Telstra Locator App?

If your Tag is within coverage of the Telstra LTE-M Network, it will report its last known approximate location once every 24 hours when stationary (at a minimum), regardless of its assigned profile. Refer to Cat-M1 profiles below to learn more.

If your Tag is within range of the Telstra Locator Bluetooth Community, you’ll also receive additional location updates.


What is a zone and how many zones can I set up for my Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag?

Telstra Locator allows you to set up ‘safe zones’ and notifications for your Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag, so you can be alerted if your Tag is detected inside or outside of that zone. You can set up multiple zones and notifications for each Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag. 

What are the Cat-M1 Tag profiles?

When you are setting up your Cat-M1 Tag, you will also have the option to assign it a profile depending on what you’re using the Tag for. The profile will determine how frequently the Tag reports its location when moving outside a zone, and therefore its battery life too.


Ideal for

Location update (approx. when moving)

Estimated battery life


Pets or items that may be moved around frequently in a confined space.

Every 5 minutes

Up to 3 weeks**


Office equipment, computer bags

Every 20 minutes

Up to 5 weeks**


When you set a profile for your Cat-M1 Tag, both an ‘arrive’ and ‘leave’ notification will be automatically created as well. These notifications are intended to alert you if the Tag is detected leaving or returning to a zone that you have created. By default, these notifications are set for everyday of the week and any time of day. They can be adjusted in the Tag’s Settings page.

**Depends on the level of movement detected and how long that movement lasts.

What steps can I take to extend my Cat-M1 Tag battery life?

Here are some steps you can take to help extend your Cat-M1 Tag’s battery life, regardless of which profile you set it to:

Step 1: Set up a ‘safe zone’ anywhere you frequently take your Cat-M1 Tags.

Step 2: Connect your Tag to a Wi-Fi network at as many of these ‘safe zones’ as you can. This will send the Tag into a dormant state for as long as the Tag remains within the ‘safe zone’, and is the most effective way to extend your battery life.

If you can’t connect your Tag to a Wi-Fi network in a ‘safe zone’, it will still be able to power down and save some battery, but this will not be as effective, as the Tag won’t go into a completely dormant state.


What is a notification?

A notification is an alert you receive when your Tag, smartphone or tablet is detected by the Telstra Locator network inside or outside of your zone. You can customise these notifications in the Settings menu of your Telstra Locator App.

What additional benefit does the Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag have over the other Telstra Locator Tags?

There are several benefits included in the Cat-M1 Tag, such as:

  • LTE-M connectivity to allow for more frequent data reporting
  • A built-in GPS for more accurate location data
  • An LED to indicate current Tag status.

Will temperature impact the performance of my Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag?

To ensure effective performance, please ensure your Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag is not exposed to temperatures exceeding 65°C. At this temperature, regardless of whether the Tag is moving, it will stop reporting its location until the Tag falls back below this threshold to preserve its battery and components.

What is the coverage of the LTE-M network?

View the Telstra LTE-M network coverage.

Is the Telstra Locator Cat-M1 Tag water resistant?

The Tag is water resistant, with an IP67 rating. Please note, this IP rating is voided if the USB-C cable is connected and the Tag is exposed to water.




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