How do I set up my Telstra Locator Universal Mount?

To set up your Telstra Locator Universal Mount:

  1. Place your activated Telstra Locator Wi-Fi tag into your Telstra Locator Universal Mount attachment accessory. Ensure the charging pin is visible through the cut out on the side of the case.
  3. Attach the lid onto the case and rotate clockwise to lock. You can use a 20 cent coin to secure.
  5. Strap your Telstra Locator Universal Mount to your favourite things, like your bike, scooter, and or toolkits just to name a few.



Charging your Telstra Locator Wi-Fi tag

To charge your Telstra Locator Wi-Fi tag, you don’t need to take it out of the Telstra Locator Pet Collar attachment. Simply, connect the charging cable to your Telstra Locator Wi-Fi tag and plug the other end into a USB power source.

We recommend charging your Telstra Locator Wi-Fi tag in the same room as your Wi-Fi modem so it can be updated with the latest software updates. 



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