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If you’re running into problems setting up your Telstra Smart Home, the steps below may help. If you’ve already set up your smart home and are having other problems, please follow our other troubleshooting guides.   

1.  I can’t connect to my Telstra Smart Home Hub. Generally, if this is the case you won’t be able to continue past this screen in the app:

a.  If you can’t see the ‘TelstraHub_xxxxxx’ in your phone’s Wi-Fi then:

i. Ensure your phone is within a few metres of the hub.

ii.The hub light should be blinking red. If it’s not, reboot the hub and wait one minute then try again.

After 15 minutes, pairing mode will time out and the hub light will turn solid red. If this happens reboot the hub to initiate pairing mode again.   

b. If you’re using Android Nougat or later, you may get a notification that states that the network has no connectivity and asks if you’d like to stay connected. Tap Yes.

For detailed instructions, see Android 7 Nougat - Can’t connect to your Telstra Smart Home Hub


2.  I can connect to TelstraHub_xxxxxx, but I get an error after the ‘Connecting to Wi-Fi’ screen:

a. Ensure you’ve chosen the right Wi-Fi network and entered your Wi-Fi password correctly. Wi-Fi passwords are case sensitive and the Telstra Smart Home app won’t inform you if you’ve entered it incorrectly.

b. If you have an Android device, you’ll receive a notification asking if you’d like to stay connected to the hub’s network. Select Yes, and then Don’t ask again for this network.

If you don’t receive this message, reboot your hub and start again. You may also need to shut down and reopen the app.

3.  The app asks for the MAC Address:

a. Ensure your hub and mobile device are connecting to the same Wi-Fi network – the 2.4GHz version of your home network. This is generally the one without ‘5G’ appended to it.

b. Your MAC address is listed on the back of your hub and on your Telstra Smart Home packaging. If you’ve misplaced your packaging and need to unplug the hub to read the MAC address, exit the app and start over. Ensure that you write down the MAC address so that it’s easy to access.

c. If your MAC address starts with a ‘02’, replace the ’02’ with a ‘00’ so that your MAC address reads 00cc21xxxxx.

d. You don’t need to enter the colons and it’s not case sensitive.


4.  I get a message that my hub can’t download the latest version of the firmware and I’m logged out of the app:

a. If you’ve received this message you’ll need to call 13 22 00 and our tech experts will help get your system up and running.

b. If you’ve manually changed your modem’s firewall settings to ‘high’, this can cause problems with activation. Temporarily lower your firewall settings and complete your hub activation. Then return your firewall settings to your desired level so your smart home will function normally.





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