Here are some reasons why your Smart Home Door Lock may not be responding and some ways to fix the problem.

  1. Is the automation switched ON?

    1. Open the Telstra Smart Home® app
    2. Select ‘Automations’
    3. Select the automation for your Smart Door Lock
    4. Make sure the automation is ON: you’ll see a green slider bar in the top right corner
    5. If you don’t see a green bar, turn the automation ON by tapping the slider.

  2. Is the Smart Door Lock too far from the Smart Home Hub?

    1. Make sure the lock is within 20 metres of your Smart Home Hub
    2. Make sure no objects like furniture are blocking the signal.

    Good to know:

    • To increase the signal strength, install a Smart Power Plug between the lock and the hub. This is because Smart Power Plugs also function as signal extenders.

  3. Do the keypad buttons work?

    1. Press each keypad button to see if they respond
    2. If a button doesn’t work contact us to report a fault.

  4. Are the batteries flat?

    1. Put new batteries in the lock
    2. Make sure they’re in the right way.

  5. Is it the cable?
    Unscrew and open the lock casing and make sure;
    1. the cable is connected securely
    2. the cable isn’t pinched.

  6. Is the lock in privacy mode?
    To remove privacy mode:
    • Press the button under the thumb turn.





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