Any videos or pictures you take via the Telstra Smart Home ® app will be stored in the cloud for 30 days. If you want to keep them for longer, you can save them to your device.

  1. Navigate to your camera by tapping the thumbnail from My Place. If you have more than one camera, swipe to your camera and tap it to go to the live stream.

  2. Underneath the live stream, you’ll see a chronological list of videos and pictures.

  3. On the picture or video you’d like to save, swipe to the left and tap Save. Alternatively, you can tap on the picture or video itself, then tap Save on the next page.


How many pictures or videos can I take?

You can only take up to 100 videos or 200 pictures a day. Pictures are captured in sets of five. After your limit has been reached, no videos or pictures will be captured by your Telstra Smart Home ® app until the next day

To check your limit go to Settings, Me, and then scroll down to My usage. Your picture, video and SMS usage and limits are displayed as a percentage and a progress bar.

Deleting existing videos or pictures won’t create room for more. If you’re exceeding your daily limit, try editing your automations to take videos and pictures based on specific triggers or only when you’re in certain modes. You can also lower the motion sensitivity settings on your camera so it takes fewer photos.


Where do I find my videos or pictures?

Go to My Place and select your camera. A details screen is displayed with a list of your most recent videos and pictures.





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