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Your indoor camera requires constant power and internet connection to function as intended.

WPS activation

If you have a WPS button on your modem/gateway, follow these steps to pair your camera.

  1. Ensure you are within five metres of your Wi-Fi modem. Assemble your camera by attaching the stand to the rear of the camera using the screw and tighten into place. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Power adapter.
  2. In the Telstra Smart Home app, go to Settings, My Devices, Add Devices, then Add camera.

  3. Press the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button on the back of your camera until you feel it click.

  4. Press the WPS or Pair button on your Wi-Fi modem
  5. Note: this is not the Pair button on your hub.

    The middle and leftmost lights on the front of the camera will turn green to show an active Wi-Fi connection. The middle light will flash when sending or receiving information.

    Tap Continue in the app until you see the ‘Connecting to camera’ screen.

    Note: The WPS buttons on both your camera and modem must be pressed within 180 seconds or the pairing process will timeout. If this happens, simply press the WPS buttons on your camera and modem again.

  6. When your camera has successfully paired, a confirmation screen will display in the app along with an image preview.

Tap Next and then I’m finished pairing my devices to proceed. Then, tap Manage next to your camera to rename it and customise your motion sensitivity settings.


Cable setup instructions

If you have trouble pairing your camera wirelessly, you can use the additional cables supplied to plug the camera directly into your modem instead. Once pairing is complete, you can disconnect your camera and place it anywhere with access to power within 20 metres of your hub.


Here’s how to do it:

  1. Plug the Ethernet cable into the back of the camera.
  2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable into the splitter cable.
  3. Connect the Ethernet end of splitter cable into a spare LAN port on your Wi-Fi modem (usually LAN ports are the yellow ones).
  4. Connect the power end of splitter cable to the power adaptor. Plug the power adaptor into a power point.
  5. Switch on the power point and wait one minute. Once two solid green lights appear, you can proceed in the app.





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