Here’s what the LED lights on your Smart Home Hub mean and how to fix any problems they may indicate for your Telstra Smart Home®.

Lights Meaning


Power Off

Red (Solid)

Before you activate: The Smart Home Hub is getting ready for setup. 

  • Once the light starts pulsing, you can continue setup.

After you activate: The Smart Home Hub can’t find your Wi-Fi connection.

Make sure:

  • Your Wi-Fi network is working
  • You haven’t changed your Wi-Fi network username or password.
  • If you have changed your username or password, update them using the Telstra Smart Home app.

Red (Pulsing)

During activation: The Smart Home Hub is ready for set up. Learn more about the setup process.

Red (Blinking)

A device is having trouble connecting. Check the Telstra Smart Home app for alerts.

Amber (Blinking)

Your Smart Home Hub is having trouble connecting to the Telstra server. Open the Telstra Smart Home app and follow the on-screen instructions.

White (Solid)

Your Smart Home Hub is connected and working.

White (Blinking)

The Smart Home Hub is updating its software. This won’t interrupt your Telstra Smart Home.





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