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Follow these instructions to set up your Smart Home Hub.

Before you start

Download the Telstra Smart Home® app from the App Store or Google Play

  1. Open the Telstra Smart Home app
    • On your phone or tablet, open the Telstra Smart Home app
    • Log in with your Telstra ID
  1. Find a spot for your Smart Home Hub
    • Place it within five metres of your Wi-Fi modem
    • Plug it into a power point and turn it on
    • The LED on the front will blink red when it’s ready.

Good to know:

  • We recommend you don’t unplug or move the Smart Home Hub after set up.
  1. Connect Smart Home Hub to Wi-Fi
    1. On your phone, exit the Telstra Smart Home app:
      • Now navigate to Wi-Fi settings
      • Make sure Wi-Fi is on
      • Select the Wi-Fi network beginning with ‘TelstraHub’
    1. Go back to the Telstra Smart Home app:
      • Select your home Wi-Fi network  (NOT the TelstraHub network)
      • Enter your home Wi-Fi password
      • Select Done
      • Keep the app open until your hub connects to your home Wi-Fi. This may take a few minutes.

Good to know:

If your home Wi-Fi network doesn’t appear in the list, you can enter it manually:

  • Go to Wi-Fi settings
  • Select Other network
  • Enter your home Wi-Fi network name.
  1. Enter your details

    Once your Smart Home Hub and your home Wi-Fi are connected, you need to tell the app where to send messages from your automations:

    • Enter your preferred mobile number and email address
    • Select the arrow at the bottom right
    • The app will complete the set-up process. This may take a few minutes.






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