You’ll only receive notifications if you’ve included them in your automations. Follow these instructions to check if your automations are set to send you notifications:

  1. Select the Automations tab to view a list of your current automations. Those set up to send notifications will have an envelope or phone icon displayed. Select the automation you want to update.

  2. To disable the automation, press the toggle in the top right hand corner. This will turn off the automationOr to remove the automation entirely, scroll down and select Delete.

  3. To edit a notification, tap the automation and find the row about notifications – it might say Send text message or Send email. Tap again to reveal a list of contacts from My friends and family.
  4. Select or de-select the person you’d like alerts sent to. Select No additional action to stop sending all notifications for this automation. Tap Save.


About email notifications

Email notifications from Telstra Smart Home can either be plain text, or can include a video or picture. There’s no daily limit to how many email notifications you can receive. When you set up your Telstra Smart Home via the app, the email address you use will be the default email address that notifications are sent to.

To add another email address for yourself, a family member or friend, go to Settings, then My friends and family and tap on the contact you’d like to edit. You can then change the email address or add a new one.

To send email alerts to an additional contact, first add them to My family and friends from Settings. Once they’ve been added, you can include them in your automations.


SMS notifications

Telstra Smart Home can send SMS alerts based on the automations you set up. You can only receive plain text alerts without videos or pictures, and you can receive up to 200 SMS alerts per day.

You can’t have your automation send an SMS alert to an international number. So you can receive SMS alert when you’re out of the country, but if you change to a non-Australian SIM, Telstra Smart Home will be unable to send an alert to you. In this instance, it’s best to switch your notifications to email.

To send SMS alerts to other contacts, first add them to My friends and family from Settings. Once they’ve been added to My friends and family, you can add them into your automations.





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