The indoor and outdoor cameras have built-in motion sensors with the capability to change the sensitivity. You can choose from four different sensitivity settings:


  • Off: The motion detection in your camera is turned off.

  • Low: This is the least sensitvite setting. Small and medium animals may be ignored.

  • Medium: A person may be detected and most movement from light or trees will be ignored.

  • High: This is the most sentitive setting.

To adjust the sensitivity for a particular camera, go to Settings, My devices and then tap on the camera you’d like to adjust. Scroll down and use the slider to choose your desired setting.

You can test the sensitivity by walking past the camera and monitoring your activity feed. If the camera isn’t responsive, try increasing the sensitivity.

If you’re exceeding your daily quotas for images, videos, or text messages, try adjusting the motion sensitivity in your cameras so you receive fewer notifications.





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